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CO2 compressor working principle

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The scale of CO2 compressors is very large. It works continuously every day. How does the CO2 compressor work? The following article gives you an in-depth look at how CO2 compressors work.

you will know:

What is a CO2 compressor?

CO2 compressor working principle

CO2 compressor application and principle

What is a CO2 compressor?


The CO2 compressor is a kind of special gas compressor. A CO2 compressor refers to a compressor for pressurizing carbon dioxide gas and achieving transportation. Mainly used in urea synthesis equipment.According to the carbon dioxide, there is a weak acid reaction when it meets water. The professional parts and equipment are designed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Special bearings, high efficiency professional radiators, valve sheet steel durable and corrosion resistant. No need to add lubricating oil, the exhaust gas does not contain oil and oil vapor, does not pollute the user's end products, is an environmentally friendly energy-saving product. The application range of supercharging, voltage regulation, power and purge can also provide a stable power source for power plants, food industry, medical and experimental research units.


CO2 compressor working principle


The company's series of compressors are all oil-free, reciprocating piston-type structure. Because piston compressors are resistant to high pressure and use seal rings to effectively reduce leakage, piston compressors are mainly used in early CO2 compressor research. The basic working principle of the CO2 piston compressor is the same as that of the conventional male piston compressor. The working cycle of the piston compressor is divided into four processes. The operation of the piston compressor is accomplished by constantly changing the working volume of the cylinder, the gas valve and the piston reciprocating in the cylinder. If the volume loss and energy loss (ie, the ideal working process) in the actual operation of the piston compressor are not considered, the work done by the piston compressor crankshaft every revolution can be divided into the suction, compression and exhaust processes.


CO2 compressor application and principle


From the application industry of compressors, the industries used for compressed air include machinery, automotive, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, mining, construction, building materials, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, textile, environmental protection, military and other industrial and civil applications. Production and life in all areas. Compressed air is an important source of energy for industrial products, and it can also be called a "life source" for the production of industrial products.


There are many types of air compressors, which can be divided into three types of volume type, power type (speed type or turbine type) and heat type according to the working principle. In volumetric compressors, the increase in pressure is achieved by relying on direct compression of the gas volume. In the power type compressor, the impeller is rotated at a high speed to increase the pressure and speed of the gas, and then in the fixed element, a part of the speed can be further converted into the pressure energy of the gas. The ejector is a thermodynamic compressor that uses a high velocity gas or steam jet to carry the inwardly flowing gas and then converts the velocity of the mixture to pressure energy at the diffuser.



Have you seen the difference between working with oxygen compressors and nitrogen compressors? The working principle is to manufacture the core of the entire CO2 compressor, and correctly understand that you can also choose your CO2 compressor correctly.

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