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What is CO2 compressor?

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With the advent of compressors such asoxygen compressors and hydrogen compressors, CO2 compressors have also emerged, and are gradually used in various industries, bringing different products to people. It is believed that carbon dioxide is completely useless, not only for chemical treatment, but also for food protection.

Main point:

  • What is CO2 ?

  • Nature of CO2 

  • What is a CO2  compressor?

  • CO2  compressor features


What is CO2 ?

Carbon monoxide compound with carbon dioxide, formula CO 2 and formula 44.0095. It is colorless, odorless or colorless, odorless and slightly acidic gas at room temperature and pressure. It is also a common greenhouse gas or air. One of the components (accounting for 0.03% -0.04% of the total atmosphere).

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Nature of CO2 

In terms of physical properties, carbon dioxide has a melting point of -78.5°C, a boiling point of -56.6°C, a density greater than air density (under standard conditions), and is soluble in water.


In terms of chemical properties, carbon dioxide is chemically inert, has high thermal stability (only 1.8% decomposition at 2000°C), can not be burned, usually does not support combustion, is an acidic oxide, has the permeability of acidic oxides, Since carbonic acid is formed by reaction with water, it is an acid anhydride of carbonic acid.


Carbon dioxide can generally be obtained by calcining limestone at high temperature or by reacting limestone with dilute hydrochloric acid, mainly for refrigerating perishable foods (solid), as a refrigerant (liquid), for making carbonated soft drinks (gaseous) and as a solvent for homogeneous reaction ( Supercritical state) and so on. Regarding its toxicity, studies have shown that low concentrations of carbon dioxide are not toxic, and high concentrations of carbon dioxide can poison animals.


What is a CO2  compressor?

The CO2 compressor is a kind of special gas compressor.A CO2 compressor refers to a compressor for pressurizing carbon dioxide gas and achieving transportation. Mainly used in urea synthesis equipment.


 When designing and using, it should be noted that:

1.The critical temperature of carbon dioxide is high, and it can be liquefied at 31.3 ° C and 7.14 MPa. When used in winter, the interstage cooling temperature should not be too low;

2. When carbon dioxide is below 60 MPa, it is conducive to gas compression.

3. Because the relative density of carbon dioxide gas is relatively large, it is not appropriate to use an excessively large average piston speed, otherwise the gas valve resistance is large;

4. Carbon dioxide gas contains a small amount of water, which has strong corrosiveness, so the gas valve, cooler and buffer Cans and the like need to be made of stainless steel.According to the carbon dioxide, there is a weak acid reaction when it meets water. The professional parts and equipment are designed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Special bearings, high efficiency professional radiators, valve sheet steel durable and corrosion resistant. No need to add lubricating oil, the exhaust gas does not contain oil and oil vapor, does not pollute the user's end products, is an environmentally friendly energy-saving product. The application range of supercharging, voltage regulation, power and purge can also provide a stable power source for power plants, food industry, medical and experimental research units.


CO2  compressor features

Compared with compressors using ordinary refrigerants, CO2 compressors have the characteristics of high working pressure, large pressure difference, small pressure ratio, small volume, light weight, difficulty in controlling the clearance of moving parts, and difficulty in lubrication. Therefore, the research and development of CO2 compressors has always been a difficult point in the development of refrigeration technology. Various research institutes and refrigeration equipment companies at home and abroad have developed various types of compressors. Due to the environmental advantages of CO2 in automotive air conditioning applications, CO2 automotive air conditioning compressors have also been researched and developed by various refrigeration companies and automobile companies.


The cola we generally drink contains CO2. Don't think that CO2 is useless, thus vetoing the benefits of CO2 compressors. You can use it better if you know it correctly.

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