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Why do you recommend using our oxygen compressors?

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1. Oxygen is a combustion improver. It is very easy to explode after mixing with grease. The filling oxygen compressor produced by our coupling compressor is a completely oil-free compressor. The first is to not use lubricating oil, so from the source. Avoid oxygen and oil contact, and ensure safety at the root. Secondly, in the production process, strictly follow the degreasing and degreasing treatment. Every installation component follows the strict oxygen cleaning guidelines and maintains a detailed cleaning record, which is from production. Eliminate the entry of grease into the compressor chamber.

Secondly, the user is using the compressor, because it needs to be used in the vicinity of the hospital, paying more attention to the quietness of the compressor work, the convenience of maintenance, as well as the reliability of the compressor and the durability of the accessories.

1. Our compressors use low speed and average speed of 260-350RPM, so the working noise is less than 75 dB, which can work quietly in the medical field.

2. Due to the low speed, the operating temperature of the compressor is not high, which will prolong the working life of the compressor.

3. The long-lasting and reliable life of the accessories is a major factor in the cost of the user. The operation replacement time of our low-pressure compressor parts is 3500-4000 hours, and the high-pressure stage is 1500-2000 hours. It is in the leading position of oil-free compressor industry.

4. Our compressors use packing seals, which use 4-stage compression at higher filling pressures, which minimizes leakage and saves you valuable oxygen resources.

5. Materials in contact with oxygen We use stainless steel to ensure your oxygen is not contaminated

6. Our oxygen compressor has passed the CE certification of the European Union and is a recognition of our compressor safety.

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