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Why do you recommend using our oxygen compressors?

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1. Oxygen belongs to the combustion agent, If it is mixed with oil, it will be very easy to explode, and Our Bailian Compressor production of oxygen compressor, is a full oil-free lubrication compressor, first of all, do not use lubricating oil, so as to avoid the source of oxygen and fuel contact, fundamentally ensure safety, followed by the production process, in strict accordance with the oil skimming, Each mounting part follows strict compliance with the oxygen cleaning guidelines and maintains a detailed cleaning record, which eliminates the grease from being produced into the compressor cavity.

2. Second, users in the use of compressors, because the need to use in the vicinity of the hospital, more attention to the compressor work mute, maintenance convenience, as well as compressor reliability and accessories durability.

3. Our compressor uses low speed, average speed is 260-350RPM, so the working noise is less than 75 dB, it can be very quiet in the medical field of work, because it is low speed, so the compressor operating temperature is not high, which will prolong the working life of the compressor.

4. The lasting and reliable life of accessories is a major factor related to the user's cost of use, our low-pressure compressor accessories operating replacement time is 3,500-4,000 hours and high-pressure phase of that is 1500-2000 hours, and it is in the oil-free compressor industry leading level.

5. Our compressors are packed with filler seals that use 4-stage compression and extremely low leakage in higher filling pressures, saving you valuable oxygen resources

6. Materials in contact with oxygen which we use is stainless steel material, to ensure that your oxygen is not contaminated

7. Our oxygen compressors are CE certified in the European Union and are recognized for the safety of our compressors

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