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  • Q Will your company supply samples?

    A No,the compressor is high value goods,we do not supply free sample.
  • Q What payment terms do you accept?

    A 30% T/T in advance ,Balance paid before shipment
  • Q How long is your delivery time?

    A 30-40 days for advance payment, 45 days for W, 60 days for SW fan, 90 days for vertical model
  • Q What is your port of shipment?

    A We ship the goods via Shanghai port.
  • Q How to solve quality problems?

    A If the compressor met quality problems ,customer will find the faulty reason by our technical person instruction ,and we offer resolution ,in the quality guarantee time ,the parts are free ,if out of warranty date ,we will charge the cost
    the most problems we meet is how to do maintenance for the compressor ,and normally ,for the compressor we need to replace piston ring ,guide ring ,and valve etcs ,we have compressor maintenance video to teach customer how to do it ,and customer should watch it before do the maintenance ,and also can consult our technical service person
    Also ,we welcome customer dispatch labor to our factory to get professional compressor repair and maintenance training.
  • Q What is the location of your company?

    A Our company is located in the Anqing city Anhui Province, China.take 4hours by high speed train From Shanghai ,there is one round flight per day from shanghai to anqing city.
  • Q How to choose an oil-free gas compressor suitable for your own working conditions?

    A 1. First determine your working gas medium. If it is a single component, please let us know the purity of the gas, and whether there is water vapor and hydrogen sulfide. If there is any serious impact on the subsequent stable operation of the compressor, if it is Mixed gas, please tell us the composition of each gas
    2. The second step is to determine the inlet pressure. Generally, the inlet pressure is PSIG, BARG, Mpa. Please indicate whether it is gauge or absolute pressure. Absolute pressure = gauge pressure +1 bar. If the inlet pressure is a range, Please indicate the range of fluctuation
    3. The third step is to determine the pressure of use. Considering the pressure drop of the pipeline, the discharge pressure of the general compressor is slightly larger than the pressure you need. For example, if you use 100 kg of pressure, the compressor discharge pressure is 105 kg.
    4. The fourth step is to determine the compressor flow you need. This is generally determined by the flow rate. It is generally identified by CFH, or NM3/HR, SM3/HR. It is necessary to be clear that some customers are accustomed to press M3/. HR to identify, NM3 is different from M3
    5. Does the compressor work indoors or outdoors? What is the ambient temperature? Is there cooling water?
    6. What is the local three-phase voltage frequency? For example, 380V 50HZ/3 phase, or 460V60HZ/3 phase
    7. The load of the compressor is intended to work 8 hours a day, or 15 hours a day, or 24 hours?
    8. Are there any other special requirements, such as whether PLC control, whether the various signals of the compressor need to be transmitted to the central control room, our standard control method is traditional switch instrument control, without PLC control

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