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Application of nitrogen compressor in nitrogen application industry

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Nitrogen is a relatively cheap gas because ,it is an inert gas and is widely found in the atmosphere, so it is widely used in the national economy, such as laser cutting, chemical protection gas, chemical synthesis, electronic industry pharmaceutical industry and so on.


The following example ,illustrates the application of nitrogen compressor in nitrogen industry

1. Laser Cutting

Nitrogen in laser cutting acts as a protective gas role, medium pressure nitrogen is mainly used to blow away oxygen, to prevent cutting when the metal incision and surrounding high temperature oxidation, so as to avoid the appearance of brown oxidation spots, to achieve smooth cutting surface, no burr without slag effect.

The pressure of nitrogen required ,for general laser cutting is 15-40barg, and the nitrogen from the PSA nitrogen machine is at 10barg. Therefore, nitrogen compressors are needed to pressurize nitrogen, and nitrogen pressure is mentioned to the pressure required for laser cutting


2. Nitrogen Storage

Usually PSA nitrogen machine output nitrogen pressure is not high, if the nitrogen production machine overcapacity, or the use of peak and valley electricity in the night filling, there is more economic benefits, the need to store nitrogen for subsequent use, this time generally using nitrogen compressor booster to 200-300 kg of pressure filled into the high-pressure bottle, A high-pressure bottle can be filled with about 10 cubic meters of nitrogen.

nitrogen gas filling station

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