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Oxygen Compressor

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1. Hospital centralized oxygen supply system pressurization, generally 4 kg, pressurized to 8-10 kg, applicable model OW type,
2. Oxygen pressurization of hyperbaric oxygen silo, suitable for model OW type
3. Recovery of oxygen evaporation in liquid oxygen tank, applicable model OW
4.VPSA oxygen pressurization, such as in the steel mill combustion, the use of oxygen compressor pressurization, the applicable model ZOW vertical
5. Steel plant scrap iron scrap rough cutting, generally with the PSA oxygen generator, filled into oxygen cylinders with acetylene cutting, applicable model GOW high pressure
6. Oxygen filling bottle, convenient for mobile use, applicable model GOW high pressure 7. Pulp industry, oxygen stripper system (oxygen delignification systems) pressurized suitable models for circulating oxygen ZOW.


Nitrogen Compressor

1. Pressurized nitrogen protective gas in laser cutting, generally nitrogen from 5-7 kg, pressurized to 25-30 kg
Applicable models: VW type, WW type,
2. Nitrogen protection gas pressurization in chemical production, such as the production of the tire industry, is generally suitable for SW ZW models due to the large demand for nitrogen
3. Nitrogen filling bottle, easy to move use, general nitrogen booster to 200-300 kg, for filling storage
Applicable model: GWW GSW GZW.
4. Nitrogen is used for the purge of equipment such as oil-forbidden oxygen-forbidden instruments, applicable model VW WW SW ZW
5. The pressure test of the pipeline is carried out by nitrogen in the oilfield, and the applicable model GSW GZW

Hydrogen Compressor

1. Hydrogen filling compressor: Our compressor filling pressure 150-200 kg, suitable for the model GHV GHW GHD
2. Hydrogen is made from ammonia decomposition and pressurized for protective gas in heat treatment of stainless steel in steel mills. Applicable models HV type

Argon Compressor

1. Arc welding (cutting) stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum, and other alloy Argon gas Protection gas Booster, applicable model ARV ARW
2. In the process of brewing, replace the oxygen in the beer bucket, applicable model ARV ARW
3. All kinds of stainless steel high temperature alloy heat treatment heating protection gas, applicable model ARV ARW

CO2 Compressor

1.CO2 gas plant, dry ice CO2 Restore recovery, applicable model CW
2. Industrial and pharmaceutical extraction processes using CO2 liquid supercritical properties, and CO2 gas recovery after extraction
Applicable model CW
3. Industrial waste CO2 gas can not be directly discharged, need to recycle storage, applicable model CW

Helium Compressor

1. Magnesium, zirconium, aluminum, titanium and other metal welded helium protective gas pressurization
2. Helium recovery, pressurized filling storage, because helium is more expensive, so the recovery of helium is very necessary, such as helium balloon recovery, waste helium purification recovery, applicable model HEW HED
3. Helium can be used as a high vacuum device, atomic nuclear reactor in rockets, spacecraft as a conveying liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen and other liquid propellant pressurized gas

SF6 Compressor

Mainly used in the repair and maintenance of SF6 circuit breaker, the SR gas in the circuit breaker is recycled.
Applicable models SFV


CNG Compressor

Pressure of gas substation compressor to add CNG gas to automobile
Applicable models HZW

Special Gas Compressors

Fluorine chemical compressor, mainly used in Freon, fluorine, perfluorinated and other media transport, pressurization, punching and so on  
Suitable models?? Do you have a specific model?

Laughing Gas Compressor

Charging and storage of medical laughing gas, suitable model N2OW

Oil Free Air Compressor

Provide clean and clean oil-free air for spraying, pneumatic tools, textiles, metallurgy, food, medicine, chemical and other industries.
Applicable models Z-type, V-type, W-type, SW type, WW type, and ZW type
Oil-free PET blowing compressor, compressed air to 30-40 kg, used in the blowing industry, suitable model ZW
Test of oilfield pipeline, suitable model G2W-0.6/300
Cleaning and purging of pneumatic instruments

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