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How to maintain and repair

Our compressors have operation and maintenance instructions, as well as maintenance and repair videos. Customers can follow the maintenance video operation and replace the accessories. If you are not sure, you can contact our online customer service staff.

    Maintain and Repair


Our delivery date

Generally, the delivery time of our products is 30-40 days from the receipt of the advance payment, 45 days for the W model, 60 days for the SW sector, and 90 days for the vertical model.

Our warranty

For the main components of the compressor, we provide a 12-month warranty period after shipment.
If the main parts are damaged under normal use, we will send you an international express to us free of charge, and the customer will complete the installation and maintenance under our guidance.
The main components include: motor, crankcase, cylinder, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, fan, bearing and other major components.
Among them, wearing parts, various sealing rings, guiding rings are not included.

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