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  • [Industry News] Introduction To Completely Oil-free Oxygen Compressor
    Introduction to completely oil-free oxygen compressor
  • [Industry News] BAILIAN'S Experience on Helium Compressors
    Helium is a non renewable resource that can only be extracted from a few natural gas fields. In recent decades, our consumption of helium has been continuously increasing. Since 2000, the supply of helium has been in short supply, reaching a bottleneck, resulting in increasingly expensive prices, an
  • [Industry News] Why do we choose to use SF6 compressor
    The SF6 compressor has comprehensive functions such as recovery, charging and discharging, purification, vacuuming, storage, and bottle filling, and the system is relatively complete. The series connection or switching of each function is mainly completed by operating the electric control box and ba
  • [Industry News] What is the role of SF6 compressors in the production process?
    Oil-free design of SF6 compressor, self-lubricating material of guide ring and piston ring, 100% oil-free lubrication, bearing parts are lubricated with high temperature grease, which avoids gas pollution during the compression process, ensures gas purity, and achieves effective Gas recovery and reu
  • [Industry News] What is the structure of an oil-free hydrogen compressor?
    The oil-free hydrogen compressor is the main body of the gas source device. It is a device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually an electric motor) into gas pressure energy, and is a pressure generating device for compressed air.What is an oil-free hydrogen compressor?What
  • [Industry News] What is the workflow of nitrogen compressor
    Each nitrogen compressor is controlled with an industry standard on/off gauge control system with a control panel mounted on the side of the housing for easy operator access. All panels feature visual and audible alarms to warn operators of abnormal operation and automatically shut down in the event
  • [Industry News] What was the reason for choosing the nitrogen compressor?
    The nitrogen compressor can be used for nitrogen production, pressure storage, chemical process flow, oil production process, nitrogen booster and nitrogen recovery compressor in tire rubber machines, and non-ferrous metal nitrogen protection system.What are the product features of the nitrogen comp
  • [Industry News] What are the operating characteristics of a hydrogen compressor?
    The hydrogen compressor is based on the principle of gas compressibility, so that the raw material hydrogen is compressed and brought to the pressure required for production under the back and forth movement of the compressor cylinder piston.What are the classifications of hydrogen compressors?What
  • [Industry News] What are the precautions for using hydrogen compressors?
    In recent years, due to the rapid development of the petrochemical industry, advanced new hydrogenation processes have become widely used in the petroleum refinery industry, which requires the machinery industry to provide a full set of hydrogenation equipment, and hydrogen compressors are one of th
  • [Industry News] What are the precautions for using SF6 compressors?
    SF6 compressor This device is mainly used for the repair and maintenance of SF6 circuit breakers to recover SR gas in the circuit breakers. SF6 compressor is tightly sealed, safe and reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, low noise, low vibration, energy saving, pollution-free, durable, and ha
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Contact Us

Tel: +86-556-5345665
Phone: +86-18955608767
Email: sale@oxygen-compressors.com
WhatsApp: +86-18955608767
Skype: sale@oxygen-compressors.com
Add:XingyeRoad,Industrial park,Development zone,Anqing,Anhui
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