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What Is A Oxygen Compressor?

Oxygen compressor refers to a mechanical device that uses the three changing principles of volume, pressure, temperature and PVT to compress the volume of gas to increase the oxygen pressure, and is used for conveying or filling.The oxygen compressor can be used for hospital oxygen pipeline pressurization, medical oxygen filling, industrial boiler combustion, process oxidation reaction and other scenarios. Since oxygen is a violent combustion-supporting agent, it is easy to cause combustion and explosion, so the oxygen compressor has the following characteristics


No Oil Lubrication

The oxygen compressor adopts an oil-free lubrication design. Because oxygen is at high pressure, it is easy to explode when it encounters grease. Therefore, the oxygen compressor must be designed as an oil-free lubrication method.

Low Speed

The crankshaft speed is relatively low, the average piston speed should be low, and the gas velocity in the pipeline is relatively low.

Low Exhaust Temperature

The exhaust temperature should not be too high, not higher than 100~12°C when lubricated with water, and not higher than 160°C when using oil-free lubrication structure filled with polytetrafluoroethylene.

Low Compression Ratio

The pressure ratio of each stage should not be too high

Stainless Steel Cylinder

The compressor cylinder is made of stainless steel to minimize the possibility of sparks during compressor operation, avoid rust, and facilitate the safe and stable operation of the compressor

Degreasing Treatment

All compressor parts in direct contact with oxygen must be degreased before assembly to prevent the parts from being assembled with grease to avoid safety accidents.

Main Types Of Oxygen Compressors

Application Of Oxygen Compressors

Medical Oxygen Compressor

1. Low-pressure oxygen compressors are generally used for pressurization of medical centralized oxygen supply pipelines, as shown in the figure
2. The high-pressure oxygen compressor has a filling pressure of 100-300 kg. According to the safety requirements of various countries, the filling pressure is different in different places.
For example, some countries in the Middle East fill 100-120 kg, some South American countries fill about 200 kg, and some countries fill 150-170 kg.
In high-pressure filling areas, the requirements for compressors, pipelines, and oxygen cylinders are stricter than those for low-pressure filling

Industrial Oxygen Compressor

1. Low pressure oxygen can be used for boiler combustion, oxidation reaction in process reactor,
2. High-pressure oxygen compressor, recovery of vaporized oxygen on liquid oxygen storage tank, filling into oxygen cylinder, cutting of scrap steel in steel plant, used for combustion of acetylene gas

Aerospace Oxygen Compressor

Generally, the pressure is relatively high, and some pressure exceeds 400 kg, which requires very strict evaluation of the compressor

How Does Oxygen Compressors Work?

The movement mechanism of the compressor is composed of crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and other components. The crank connecting rod mechanism is driven by the electric motor through the belt to drive the crankshaft of the compressor to rotate, the crankshaft drives the connecting rod, and the connecting rod drives the piston to make reciprocating linear motion. , Causing the cylinder volume to change, because the automatic valve determines the cylinder's intake and exhaust process, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the gas pressure. One rotation of the crankshaft completes a working cycle, and the gas with lower pressure enters the cylinder through the suction port and is compressed into gas with higher pressure for discharge.

How Does Oxygen Compressors Work?

1. After the compressor is installed, it can be tested and run after it is confirmed to meet the requirements.

2. Before starting the machine, it must be turned by hand for 2 to 3 laps, and the rotation of the main machine should be unobstructed. Open the intake valve and exhaust valve. When the intake pressure rises to the set value, start the compressor to check whether the rotation direction of the main engine and fan is correct. If the steering is normal, let the compressor run for a few minutes without load and observe the operating conditions of the machine; if the steering is incorrect, stop and adjust the power phase sequence to make each steering normal.

3. Gradually increase the pressure to the rated pressure, and check for abnormal vibration, noise and heat during machine operation. Check whether the controllers act according to the specified working conditions: stop at the rated exhaust pressure, and restart at the rated lower limit pressure; whether the shutdown protection is possible when the intake air source pressure is insufficient. Whether each display instrument displays normal, the leakage of the entire compressed gas system, and eliminates it immediately.

4. During the trial operation of the machine, please carefully observe the operating conditions for abnormal noise, vibration and abnormal heating. If any abnormal conditions are found, the machine must be shut down for maintenance and the test machine can only be continued after the fault is eliminated.

5. After the test run is normal, it can be put into normal use. "

Information About Oxygen Compressors

  • Q How to maintain the compressor?

    A First of all, we must choose a high-quality compressor of a big brand. It is not convenient to repair and maintain because of different foreign countries and domestic ones. Only the quality of big brands is reliable, and later maintenance is more worry-free.
    First of all, our compressors have more detailed maintenance and operation manuals. It is recommended that guests read the compressor manuals before using the compressors. The installation and operation of the compressors are still in regular use, and common problems are explained in detail.
    Secondly, it is necessary to install the daily maintenance requirements of the compressor manual, and conduct regular inspections every day, every week, and every month. Only minor problems can be discovered in advance to avoid major problems.
    Here, if there is a problem, stop the compressor at the first time, and then communicate with the after-sales maintenance staff of our company to feedback the quality of the compressor. When feedback the quality, try to provide clear pictures and videos, and clearly display the pressure gauge value and temperature value. , Get their professional advice
    Finally, after the compressor of our company has passed the factory commissioning, it will be equipped with a compressor maintenance video screen, which contains a detailed video screen on how to replace the compressor accessories. The guests follow the steps in the video to replace the accessories.
    When purchasing a compressor, it is recommended to purchase some common maintenance accessories in case of emergency
  • Q How to choose an oxygen compressor with good cost performance and good quality?

    A Choosing a compressor with a good price-performance ratio suitable for working conditions should not only consider product quality, purchase costs, but also operating costs, such as power consumption, maintenance costs, maintenance intervals, and labor costs for maintenance.
    From a consumer perspective
    1. The first choice is to clearly see the purpose of the compressor, whether it is used for ordinary boosting or bottle filling
    2. The purpose of use is clarified, and the continuous working time of the compressor should be considered every day, whether it works 3-5 hours a day, 8-10 hours, or 18-24 hours
    3. According to the continuous working hours of the compressor every day, choose different compressors. If it is used under heavy load, the requirements for the compressor are higher. You must choose a big brand, a professional compressor manufacturer that has been in this field for many years.
    In terms of the quality of the compressor, a good compressor must have a scientific design, good heat dissipation, sophisticated materials, economical and durable
    For the compressor, it is necessary to choose a compressor with a small compression ratio at all levels, a low engine speed, a small leakage, and a durable piston ring.
    Bailian high-pressure compressor adopts vertical cylinder structure design, four-stage compression, small compression ratio, low temperature at all levels, low speed, 200-300 revolutions per minute of the main engine, low noise and low vibration, which can be effective while saving energy. Reduce the wear of the piston ring, prolong the use time and reduce the use cost
    The piston ring of Bailian compressor is a patented design. After more than ten years of actual production and use by customers, it has been continuously improved. It is especially suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure working environment. It can effectively extend the service time of the compressor and reduce the frequency of maintenance. Practice has proved that high pressure The life of the piston ring of the cylinder can reach 2000 hours, and the piston ring of the low pressure cylinder can reach 3000-4000 hours, which effectively reduces the customer's use cost.
    4. In order to reduce the oxygen leakage rate, there is currently a sealed high-pressure oxygen compressor on the market. Everyone should pay special attention when choosing. Most of the reciprocating oxygen compressors in the world are of non-sealed design. Because iron, copper, and aluminum can be burned in high-purity oxygen, for safety reasons, piston-type oxygen compressors are not designed as sealed compressors to avoid safety accidents.
    If the compressor is designed as a hermetic compressor, after the compressor is running for a long time, the grease is not replaced on time, the grease lubrication effect of the bearing will be invalid (the use time of the bearing and grease is difficult to accurately estimate), resulting in high temperature of the bearing, at high temperature and high pressure In a high-purity oxygen environment, it is easy to burn and explode, which will cause serious production and personal injuries.
  • Q Do you have stock?

    A Especially during COVIND-2019, we are very anxious to use oxygen compressors.
    Under normal circumstances, we do not have the stock, we need to arrange production according to the customer's voltage frequency, use pressure and flow rate.
    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our company has invested a lot of money and personnel to increase productivity and meet the production time requirements of customers as much as possible while maintaining quality and quantity.
Why Choose BAILIAN?

31 core technology patents

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With 31 core technology patents ,we are located in leading level in the oil-free gas compressor industry. Our company employs experts from the China Compressor Research Institute as technical consultants and maintains long-term cooperative relations with compressor major of Xi'an Jiaotong University compressors.

Fast delivery time

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For standard machine, we have parts in stock, can delivery within 25-30 days  (more details ,contact us), VW type, ETD TIME, 25days; WW and OW type ETD 35-40 days; SW and GSW type ETD time 40-50 days; ZW type 90 days(biggest time in our company).

High level of product quality

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At the beginning of development, each compressor has to undergo type test of 2000-3000 hours of continuous working conditions, and endurance test to ensure that the compressor passes the most rigorous test, avoiding product quality problems and defects from the design.

Spirit of the carftsman

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At the beginning of the company's establishment, Bailian insist on the concept of “doing oil free compressor , creating the value of the brand”, treating the products with care and intentions, simplifying complicated things, and doing simple things to the extreme, day after day,Year after year, we will make perfect products.

Skilled industrial workers

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Our company's main technical personnel have more than 20 years of compressor design experience, and many production personnel have more than ten years of production experience. Only experienced and skilled workers can guarantee the reliability of product quality.

24 hours of technical support

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Our company has professional customer service staff. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them for professional answers and help.

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