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Best CO2 compressor

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Choosing the best CO2 compressor is very important. When you choose the right compressor, you can use it to produce the best product to get a higher return.

main point:

CO2 compressor principle

The best features of CO2 compressor

Excellent application of CO2 compressor

 co2 compressor

CO2 compressor principle

From the application industry of compressors, the industries used for compressed air include machinery, automotive, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, mining, construction, building materials, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, textile, environmental protection, military and other industrial and civil applications. Production and life in all areas. Compressed air is an important source of energy for industrial products, and it can also be called a "life source" for the production of industrial products.


There are many types of air compressors, which can be divided into three categories according to the working principle: volumetric, dynamic (speed or turbine) and thermal. In volumetric compressors, the increase in pressure is achieved by relying on direct compression of the gas volume. In the power type compressor, the impeller is rotated at a high speed to increase the pressure and speed of the gas, and then in the fixed element, a part of the speed can be further converted into the pressure energy of the gas. The ejector is a thermo-type press. It uses a high-speed gas or steam jet to carry the inwardly flowing gas, and then the diffuser converts the speed of the mixture into pressure energy.


The best features of CO2 compressor

Compared with compressors using ordinary refrigerants, CO2 compressors have the characteristics of high working pressure, large pressure difference, small pressure ratio, small volume, light weight, difficulty in controlling the clearance of moving parts, and difficulty in lubrication. Therefore, the research and development of CO2 compressors has always been a difficult point in the development of refrigeration technology. Various research institutes and refrigeration equipment companies at home and abroad have developed various types of compressors. Due to the environmental advantages of CO2 in automotive air conditioning applications, CO2 automotive air conditioning compressors have also been researched and developed by various refrigeration companies and automobile companies.


Excellent application of CO2 compressor

1. In the application of automotive air conditioning, at this time, the air conditioning system operates under transcritical conditions, its working pressure is high but the compression is relatively low, the relative efficiency of the compressor is high; the excellent heat transfer and thermodynamic properties of the supercritical fluid make it The efficiency of the heat exchanger is also very high, which makes the air conditioning system more energy efficient and can compete with conventional refrigerants (such as R12, R22, etc.) and other existing alternatives (R134a, R410A, etc.). For the development of electric vehicles, the characteristics of CO2 in heat pump can also solve the defect that modern automobile air conditioners cannot provide enough heat to the car in winter. Through a large number of experimental studies, it has been shown that the CO2 transcritical cycle is used for vehicle air conditioning, which not only has environmental advantages, but also has systemic efficiency.


2. Applications in various heat pumps, especially heat pump water heaters. At this time, the heat pump system also operates under transcritical conditions, and the advantages of compressors and heat exchangers still exist; the most important CO2 changes in the gas cooler are suitable for the heating of water, thus making the heat pump It is more efficient and can compete with conventional refrigerants (R134a, R410A, etc.). By studying CO2 heat pump, not only can CO2 emission be reduced, but also the performance of heat pump is high, which has broad application and development prospects.


3. Application in cascade refrigeration systems. At this time, CO2 is used as a low-temperature refrigerator, and high-temperature is made of NH3 or R290 as a refrigerant. Compared with other low-temperature refrigerants, even at low temperatures, the viscosity of CO2 is very small, the heat transfer performance is good, and the refrigeration capacity is quite large.

At present, in China, NH/CO2 cascade refrigeration system, and NH3 as a refrigerant, CO2 as a refrigerant cooling system have been widely used in engineering projects in logistics, poultry processing, ice making, conditioning ingredients and aquatic products. application.


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