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CO2 compressor application

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There are many types of CO2 compressors, and they are used in different industries. Food, electronics, and construction are involved. Such machines can turn gas into raw materials for production, which brings us many benefits and conveniences in life.


CO2 compressor related information

CO2 compressor features

Application of CO2 compressor


co2 compressor

CO2 compressor related information

From the application industry of compressors, the industries used for compressed air include machinery, automotive, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, mining, construction, building materials, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, textile, environmental protection, military and other industrial and civil applications. Production and life in all areas. Compressed air is an important source of energy for industrial products, and it can also be called a "life source" for the production of industrial products.


There are many types of air compressors, which can be divided into three categories according to the working principle: volumetric, dynamic (speed or turbine) and thermal. In volumetric compressors, the increase in pressure is achieved by relying on direct compression of the gas volume. In the power type compressor, the impeller is rotated at a high speed to increase the pressure and speed of the gas, and then in the fixed element, a part of the speed can be further converted into the pressure energy of the gas. The ejector is a thermo-type press. It uses a high-speed gas or steam jet to carry the inwardly flowing gas, and then the diffuser converts the speed of the mixture into pressure energy.


CO2 compressor features

CO2 compressors have the characteristics of high working pressure, large pressure difference, small pressure ratio, small volume, light weight, difficulty in controlling the clearance of moving parts, and difficulty in lubrication. Therefore, the research and development of CO2 compressors has always been a difficult point in the development of refrigeration technology. Various research institutes and refrigeration equipment companies at home and abroad have developed various types of compressors.


Application of CO2 compressor 

High-purity carbon dioxide is mainly used in the electronics industry, medical research and clinical diagnosis, carbon dioxide lasers, calibration gas for testing instruments, and other special mixed gas. It is used as a regulator in polyethylene polymerization.


Solid carbon dioxide is widely used in chilled dairy products, meat, frozen foods and other foods that are perishable in transport. It is used as a refrigerant in many industrial processes, such as pulverizing heat sensitive materials, rubber polishing, metal cold processing, and shrink fitting of mechanical parts. , vacuum traps, etc.


Gaseous carbon dioxide for carbonized soft drinks, pH control of water treatment processes, chemical processing, food preservation, inert protection of chemical and food processing processes, welding gases, plant growth stimulators, for hardening molds and cores in casting and for Pneumatic device, also used as a diluent for germicidal gas (that is, a mixture of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide as a sterilization, insecticide, fumigant, widely used in the sterilization of medical equipment, packaging materials, clothing, fur, bedding, etc. , bone powder disinfection, warehouse, factory, cultural relics, fumigation of books).


Liquid carbon dioxide is used as a refrigerant, low temperature testing of aircraft, missiles and electronic components, improving oil well recovery, rubber polishing and controlling chemical reactions, and can also be used as a fire extinguishing agent.


Carbon dioxide in a supercritical state can be used as a solvent for dissolving nonpolar, nonionic, and low molecular weight compounds, and thus is widely used in homogeneous reactions.



Due to the implementation of the policy and the promotion of the domestic market, China's oxygen compressor, hydrogen compressor and CO2 compressor industry as a whole maintained steady and rapid growth, with industrial investment, technological breakthroughs and scale accumulation, in the foreseeable future, It began to usher in the acceleration period of development.

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