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How does hydrogen compressors work?

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Hydrogen is the fuel with the highest energy content per unit weight. It can be used in many industries. Unfortunately, hydrogen has a density of only 90 grams per cubic meter at atmospheric conditions. In order to be able to achieve a usable energy density for hydrogen. Efficient hydrogen compression is essential. Therefore, scientists began to investigate how to compress hydrogen, and with this in mind, the hydrogen compressor was invented.

This article will take you through a brief summary of the definition and working principle of a hydrogen compressor. Meanwhile, the characteristics of hydrogen compressors will be mentioned.


What's the hydrogen compressor?

What's the working principle of hydrogen compressors?

What are the characteristics of hydrogen compressors?


What's the hydrogen compressor?

According to the definiton, a hydrogen compressor is a device that increases hydrogen pressure by reducing the volume of hydrogen to produce compressed or liquid hydrogen. At the same time, it is a compressor that discharges the hydrogen collected in the water electrolysis tank to the outboard side.

 hydrogen compressor

What's the working principle of hydrogen compressors?

In short, Hydrogen compressors are used for the transport of hydrogen.

The hydrogen compressor works similarly to a fuel cell in that a voltage is applied to the membrane and the resulting current pulls the hydrogen across the membrane. It can be understood as compressing hydrogen by electrochemistry. During the operation of the hydrogen compressor, no oil needs to be added.


The hydrogen compressor is one of the most important pieces of equipment in modern industry and its stability needs to be ensured when it is in operation. Therefore, understanding the working principle of hydrogen compressors will not only avoid some operational errors but also maximize working efficiency.


What are the characteristics of hydrogen compressors?

·Simple to operate

The operation of the hydrogen compressor is not complicated. It is simple and easy to control, whether it is a simple manual control or a fully automatic one to meet the customer's requirements.

·Wide range of applications

The range of applications for hydrogen compressors is official and the user can select different pump types to obtain different pressure zones. At the same time, the output pressure is adjusted accordingly to the input air pressure, allowing very high pressures to be achieved. Generally speaking, 300 Mpa for liquids and 90 Mpa for gases, while membrane hydrogen compressors are used to store hydrogen in high-pressure cylinders at 150-200 BARG.

·Energy saving

Hydrogen compressors are characterized by energy savings of up to 70%. This is because no energy is consumed in maintaining pressure during operation, with the exception of the electrical energy used to run the equipment.


Operational safety is also a highlight of the hydrogen compressor. No sparks are generated during operation and it can even be used in hazardous situations.


In terms of design, the main feature of the hydrogen compressor is the oil-free lubrication, which does not require refueling during use. Water cooling is also used. Therefore, our hydrogen compressors are designed with the advantages of solid structure, high efficiency, low vibration, and pollution-free hydrogen compression.

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