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How does the Industrial Hydrogen Compressor work?

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Hydrogen is a gas of relatively high utilization value, but airborne hydrogen cannot be used directly. It does not satisfy the criteria for use in modern industry. This is why hydrogen compressors have been invented. A hydrogen compressor is a device that increases the pressure of hydrogen by reducing its volume, thus producing compressed hydrogen.

Today we will focus on the workflow and principles of industrial hydrogen compressors and show the audience how they work.


What's the working process of Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

How to category the Hydrogen Compressor?

What are the characteristics of the Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?


What's the working process of Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

·Obtaining hydrogen

Firstly, secure a source of hydrogen, which is a prerequisite for the hydrogen compressor to work. In order to provide sufficient gas for transmission to the hydrogen compressor, the hydrogen compressor works in the steps of pre-compression and then transmission. The customer can obtain hydrogen by conventional methods, for example through water energization, or by extracting hydrogen from fossil fuels.

·Connecting the device

The next step is to connect the equipment. We mean to connect the hydrogen source to the diaphragm compressor inlet with a threaded hose. We can prevent the gas from flowing by closing the tap. All in all, it is important to ensure that the connection between the hydrogen source and the hydrogen compressor is hermetically sealed.

·Checking the equipment

Keep the corresponding gas tank ready and check for cracks. Make sure that the valves have not been damaged again to prevent any accidents from occurring. Once the valve is cracked, accidents can easily occur due to the flammable nature of hydrogen and its poor safety.

·Transferring the gas

The final step is to transfer the hydrogen, all we need to do is to open the tap of the hydrogen source and allow the gas to flow into the inlet of the hydrogen compressor. This is done by turning on the power to the diaphragm compressor and then observing the movement of the pressure gauge. Once the reading is 800 bar, it is necessary to switch off the compressor.

hydrogen compressors 

The working principle of a hydrogen compressor is not complicated. In simple words, it means finding the source of hydrogen and completing the process of compression and transmission by connecting the equipment. During the compression process, we need to be careful not to allow the hydrogen to leak and to prevent accidents from occurring. In addition, as our hydrogen compressors are designed to be oil-free, it is important to avoid contact with oil.


How to category the Hydrogen Compressor?

Hydrogen compressors can be classified according to their principle into volumetric and speed compressors. If the classification continues, hydrogen compressors can also be classified into the membrane, reciprocating piston, rotary, screw, and turbine types. The classification of these hydrogen compressors is based on the different flow rates, suction, and discharge pressures. Before buying a hydrogen compressor, be sure to define the use scenario to avoid interfering with its use.


What are the characteristics of an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

The structure of a hydrogen compressor includes the basic moving parts, the motor, the cylinder components, the plunger components, the cooler components, the safety protection control system, and much more. In terms of physical structure, the hydrogen compressor is not complex in its composition. We have designed the hydrogen compressor without oil lubrication and with water cooling. At the same time, it is characterized by a robust structure, high efficiency, and low vibration.

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