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How is the nitrogen compressor operating correctly

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You may have purchased a nitrogen compressor but will not use it. Since there may be differences between different compressors, its operation methods and precautions are different from oxygen compressors and hydrogen compressors. I hope that you can read this, maybe you will be more clear about the operation of the nitrogen compressor.


Nitrogen compressor compression operating procedures



Nitrogen compressor compression operating procedures



The operation tasks, operation points, precautions, and accident handling of the nitrogen compression post are specified. This post operation method is applicable to nitrogen compressors used as nitrogen compressors.


2. Process requirements

0.03 MPa of nitrogen is generally compressed from normal pressure to 20 MPa and sent to a high pressure nitrogen storage tank.


3. Post operation tasks

Nitrogen compressors generally compress nitrogen from atmospheric pressure to 20 MPa equipment.


4. Process brief

The nitrogen gas of 0.03 MPa enters the nitrogen buffer tank from outside the boundary zone, and after being separated from the water, it is sent to the nitrogen compressor through the 7th stage to 10 MPa, and then enters the high pressure nitrogen storage tank.


5. Raw material specifications


The purity of nitrogen is 99.5%, wherein the oxygen content is 10PPm and the normal temperature is 0.0MPa (gauge pressure) without oil and dust.




When the hydrogenation station replaces the catalyst and requires nitrogen replacement, the nitrogen compression station operator should be notified. Other personnel must not start the nitrogen compressor arbitrarily. Check the valve body of the compressor body, pipes, pipe fittings, check valves, valves, oil-water separators, water coolers, etc., whether there is abnormality, whether the electrical instrument oiler and the crankcase have a normal position, the coupling is fixed If the screw is tight, abnormal conditions should be solved in time during the inspection.


Start the oiler, pay attention to observe whether the oiler is working properly, and adjust the fuel consumption.


Should open the valve: 4-1 circuit valve, first-stage intake valve, all levels of oil drain valve, the rest of the valve will be closed. Open the inlet valve of the high pressure nitrogen storage tank and change the outlet valve and drain valve of the high pressure nitrogen storage tank.


After the starter is normal, start the nitrogen compressor. When the compressor is running normally, first change the oil drain valve of each stage, from the first stage to the fourth stage, and finally close the circuit valve, and simultaneously open the compressor outlet air supply valve to supply air to the high pressure air supply tank.


When the compressor is running normally, check it once every half an hour, check, listen, and touch the compressor. Check the oil level of each moving part, machine part, valve, especially oiler, and whether it is oiled. Adjust the oil quantity to Prevent accidents.


The oil-water separators at all levels shall be opened at intervals of seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one stage in order to remove oil and water, affecting the stable gas supply of the compressor.


It is found that when the pressure and temperature of nitrogen, cooling water and lubricating oil change at various levels, and the abnormal sound of the moving mechanism, it should be checked immediately and the cause of the change should be eliminated in time.


The drainage temperature of the coolers and cylinder water jackets of each level shall not be higher than 40, the water pressure shall not be lower than 0.15MPa, the pressure of the crankcase circulating oil shall be maintained at 0.15~0.2, and the temperature after cooling shall not exceed 50.


Nitrogen compressor cylinder lubricants use 13 compressor oil in winter, 19 compressor oil in summer, and 30 mechanical oil in crankshaft circulation oil for sports mechanism.


When adding lubricating oil, be careful not to mistake the compressor oil and 30 mechanical oil. The oil for compressor oil and oiler must be filtered through a copper wire mesh with a hole diameter of 0.147mm (100 mesh).


I hope that you can understand the operation of the nitrogen compressor through the article, so that you can handle some things more conveniently. If you have any questions at the time of use, you can ask us and we will answer your questions enthusiastically.




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