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How to deal with oxygen compressor failure?

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With recent advances in technology, oxygen compressors are becoming more and more efficient and compact. Different types of oxygen compressors have entered different fields. For instance, High-pressure Oxygen compressors, industrial Oxygen compressors and medical Oxygen compressors are the most common types in the international market.


However, with any machine or equipment, problems can occur during operation. Today we have listed several specific sites and causes of problems with oxygen compressors and will give the corresponding solutions.

The cause of oxygen compressor failure

How to do with the problems of oxygen compressors effectively?

How to maintain an oxygen compressor?


The cause of oxygen compressor failure

First and foremost, let’s have an overview of different kinds of faults in the use of an oxygen compressor. The main failure phenomena are, the motor can not be turned, slow rotation; violent vibration or unusual noise; drop in air pressure or exhaust volume; excessive oil consumption; motor overheating; exhaust temperature is too high, and so on. All these phenomena are due to different reasons and require the right remedy.


Examples will be given next. For example, in the case of violent vibrations or abnormal noise, this is a case of the unit becoming loose internally or a foreign object falling into the main unit, which is related in some way to wear and tear caused by prolonged use.

Besides, when the machine exhaust temperature is too high, this is most likely due to a damaged air valve or a reversal of the oxygen press.

If a motor will not turn and is slow to turn. This could be a wiring fault or low voltage, a power cable that is too thin and too long, or even a faulty switch or motor, which will need to be repaired and replaced.

oxygen compressors 

How to do with the problems of oxygen compressors effectively?

Obviously, it's very important to deal with different problems in certain ways.

If the motor does not turn or turns slowly. The first thing to do is to check the circuit and replace the power cable. If the conditions allow, replace the motor if necessary. It is worth noting that oxygen compressors are low maintenance and simple to operate, a process that does not require much time or effort.


Another example is if the motor overheats. The first thing to do is to improve the working environment, which should be used in an environment below 37°C. Adjust the steering of the reversing machine or reduce the service pressure. Depending on the construction of the oxygen compressor, there is a temperature controller for each stage of the oxygen compressor. If the temperature between stages exceeds the limit, the temperature display will give an audible and visual alarm. In severe cases, this can even affect use.


What's more, If the machine vibrates violently or makes unusual noises, we should remove foreign objects or repair moving parts.

How to maintain an oxygen compressor?

Regular maintenance of oxygen compression is also an essential part of the process. It is understood that prolonged operation of oxygen compressors can lead to equipment being clogged with scale, which will result in lower efficiency, increased energy consumption, and a shorter life. If the scale is not removed in a timely manner, the machine is at risk of repair, downtime, or scrapping and replacement. It is therefore also very important that they are cleaned regularly. Only in this way can we avoid problems in advance.

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