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How to deal with oxygen compressors failure?

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Oxygen compressor refers to the compressor used to supercharge oxygen and realize the delivery. Oxygen is an intense combustible agent, which can easily cause combustion and explosion. So we have to be very careful when we use oxygen compressors. If it is damaged by accident, it should be repaired in strict accordance with the maintenance method.

The fault phenomenon

The cause of the problem

The solution

The fault phenomenon

There may be many different kinds of faults in the use of oxygen compressor. Such as motor cannot rotate, rotate slowly; the host crashes; violent vibration or abnormal noise; a decrease in air pressure or discharge; excessive oil consumption; motor overheating; excessive exhaust temperature and so on.

oxygen compressor

The cause of the problem

(1) The reason of motor cannot rotate and rotate slowly is line fault or low voltage, power line too thin too long, may also be a switch or motor fault;

(2) The reason of the host crashes is damage to connecting rods or pistons caused by insufficient lubrication, or damage to moving parts or foreign matter;

(3) The reason of violent vibration or abnormal noise is device is loose, foreign matter falls into the main engine or the moving parts wear badly;

(4) The reason of a decrease in air pressure or discharge is muffler blockage or safety valve leakage, but also may be damaged gasket, valve disc damage, or piston ring, cylinder wear, air volume more than the oxygen compressor exhaust volume will also lead to low pressure or reduce the exhaust volume;

(5) Too high oil level, respirator blockage or piston ring, cylinder damage will lead to excessive oil consumption;

(6) Poor ventilation or high temperature around the machine, the reverse steering or compressor over pressure operation will lead to motor overheating;

(7) The exhaust temperature of the machine is too high due to damage of air valve or reverse transfer of oxygen compressor.

The solution

How to solve the question is also be prescribed.

(1) If the motor cannot turn or turns slowly, we should check the circuit or replace the power cord, and replace the motor if necessary;

(2) If the main engine crashes, we need to check whether the crankshaft, connecting rod and piston are in good condition. If they are damaged, we need to replace them;

(3) If the machine vibrates violently or there is abnormal sound, we should clear out foreign objects or repair moving parts;

(4) If the air pressure is insufficient or the air displacement is reduced, we should clean or replace the muffler, check and adjust the safety valve, gasket, valve plate, or choose the oxygen compressor with greater air displacement;

(5) In case of excessive consumption of lubricating oil, we should maintain the correct oil level, check and clean the respirator, and replace damaged piston rings or cylinders;

(6) When the motor is overheated, we should use it in the environment below 37℃, adjust the steering of the reversing machine or reduce the service pressure;

(7) If the exhaust temperature is too high we should move the machine to a well-ventilated place and repair or replace the air valve.


Note when using oxygen compressor :

(1) compressed gas parts are strictly forbidden to contact with oil. The cylinder shall be lubricated with water and glycerine instead of oil or with oil-free lubrication. Oil shall not be stained during maintenance. 

(2) Due to the high humidity when lubricated with water and the rising temperature when compressed, the oxygen from the wet gas tank is corrosive, so the material in contact with oxygen should be corrosion resistant and require good thermal and electrical conductivity. The cylinder is generally made of phosphor bronze, the piston is made of aluminum alloy, and the intercooler is made of copper pipe or stainless steel pipe.

(3) The average speed of the piston should be lower, and the air velocity in the pipeline should be lower than that in the oxygen compressor. Keep these precautions in mind, try not to damage the oxygen compressor, if damaged, please follow the above methods for troubleshooting.

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