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How to improve the operating efficiency of High pressure Oxygen Compressors?

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Nowadays, whether innovative products or not have attracted numerous controversies. Some people hold the view that these products have improved our lives to a great extent, while others think excessive technological development is not always a positive thing. Actually, people's quality of life has gradually improved as a result of technological advances.

In this article, we will focus on High pressure Oxygen Compressors, which is a typical example of innovative products. Meanwhile, the solutions to High pressure Oxygen Compressors fault will be mentioned also.


What are the main characteristics of High pressure Oxygen Compressors?

The solutions to High pressure Oxygen Compressors fault

How to maintain an Oxygen Compressors?


What are the main characteristics of High pressure Oxygen Compressors?

1. Long running time

The high-pressure oxygen compressor belongs to a class of oxygen compressors which, as a rule, can be divided into one to five classes, depending on the oxygen application conditions. The high-pressure oxygen compressor refers specifically to equipment for higher oxygen application conditions and is characterised by high folding reliability and continuous operation for long periods of time, up to 24 hours.


Oxygen compressors are manufactured with strict quality requirements. As a result, most high-pressure oxygen compressors are durable and have a long service life.

3.High specific power

Meanwhile, it has excellent performance and high specific power. It is understood that in terms of the design of high pressure oxygen compressors, each stage has an inter-stage safety valve. If the stage is overpressurized, the safety valve is disengaged, releasing the overpressure gas and ensuring stable operation of the compressor. 


Besides, the high-pressure oxygen compressors are suitable for use with VPSA PSA oxygen sources. They are environmentally pure and pollution-free and meet the requirements of energy conservation.


The characteristics of the high-pressure oxygen compressor are divided into four main points.These are the main features of the high-pressure oxygen compressor, a series of advantages that make it an essential choice for modern industry, medicine, and other fields. We need to make the most of these advantages.

 High pressure Oxygen Compressors

The solutions to High pressure Oxygen Compressors fault

1. Slow turn

If the motor appears not to turn or turns slowly. Check the circuit or replace the power cord and replace the motor if necessary.

2. Collapse

When the main engine collapses, the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons need to be checked to make sure they are intact.

3. Noisy

If the machine vibrates violently or makes abnormal noises, we should remove foreign objects or repair moving parts. In this case, it is likely that a foreign object has entered the main engine.

4. Insufficient

If the air pressure is insufficient or the displacement is reduced, we should clean or replace the muffler, check and adjust the safety valve, gasket, and valve plate, or choose an oxygen compressor with a larger displacement.


For different situations, there are different solutions. In addition to this, there are many other potential causes of the failure of high pressure oxygen compressors. When there is an abnormality in the equipment, you should choose to shut down the equipment for inspection at the first opportunity, which is also to extend the life of the oxygen compressor.


How to maintain an Oxygen Compressors?

When repairing, we need to be aware that we cannot use hard detergents or rough cloths, towels, etc. It is important to turn off the appliance when cleaning and also to avoid leaving water on the appliance.


These are the precautions to be taken when servicing and cleaning the high-pressure oxygen compressor. For any electronic products, regular maintenance is essential. This is not only to improve the efficiency of the equipment but also to avoid breakdowns. Only in this way can we make the most of it.

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