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How to maintain CO2 compressor?

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CO2 compressors are vigorously developed for the continuous development of CO2 cooling technology and heat pump technology, and related manufacturers at home and abroad have gradually introduced CO2 compressors. For many manufacturers, choosing a high-quality carbon dioxide compressor is not easy. Also pay attention to the maintenance of the purchased carbon dioxide compressor.


  • Maintenance of mechanical condition of CO2 compressor unit

  • Maintenance of process system for CO2 compressor unit

  • Normal maintenance of the unit shaft seal condensing system

  • Normal operation


Maintenance of mechanical condition of CO2 compressor unit


When the turbine is started, it is found that the vibration value is high, that is, the speed is stopped and the cause is checked. If the cause does not appear to be caused by an improper operation, such as an improper temperature rise, stop and check each of the tests described in the table below. The vibration level suddenly increases during normal operation, reducing the load and/or downtime. In the case of increasing amplitude, investigate the phenomenon and change the operating conditions for analysis. If the unit vibration is too high, the cause should be found and the corresponding treatment should be performed.

 CO2 compressor

Abnormal sound

The inspection should be carried out carefully under low-speed operating conditions. After the speed increase, the sound is mixed with the sound of the rotating sound and the noise entering the steam. Therefore, it is difficult to find the sound source. The abnormal sound is often associated with the vibration, so the sound should be checked. , find the real reason, and deal with it accordingly.


Increased bearing temperature

The increase in bearing temperature is due to bearing metal damage, reduced amount of lubricating oil, low lubricating oil pressure, high lubricating oil supply temperature, high rotor vibration value, and abnormal thrust. If the bearing metal temperature suddenly rises or exceeds 125°C, stop and check the bearing and perform the corresponding treatment.


Bearing temperature fluctuation

In the case of bearing temperature fluctuations, please check the items in the table. After checking the various items, the temperature fluctuations should still be stopped and the corresponding treatment should be carried out.


Maintenance of process system for CO2 compressor unit

The inlet and outlet pressures and temperatures of each section of the unit should be closely monitored to prevent the unit from entering the surge condition. At the same time, the unit is prohibited from over-temperature and over-pressure operation, resulting in equipment damage or safety valve take-off;

During the inspection, it should be noted that the output valve position of the anti-surge controller should be consistent with the on-site valve position;

Pay attention to monitoring whether the temperature and pressure of the main steam of the turbine are within the normal range;


Normal maintenance of the unit shaft seal condensing system

Check that the U-shaped water seal guides the water to flow out;

Check if the vacuum of the condenser is normal;


Normal operation

Turn the start switch of the standby pump to the "STOP" position, and reserve the pump to confirm the normal condition;

Confirm that the inlet and outlet valves of the backup pump are fully open, start the standby pump, and confirm that the standby pump is operating normally;

After the standby pump outlet pressure is stable, stop the main pump. If it is necessary to repair, the pump will be cut off after power off. If no maintenance is required, the pump switch is automatically placed.

Opening the exhaust valve of the standby device;

Open the communication valve and vent the spare equipment;

Maintain the exhaust state for 10min, warm up the spare equipment, avoid the oil temperature change and cause shock to the unit

Close the exhaust valve and equalize the backup equipment;

Move the switching handle in the correct direction (for the alternate oil cooler, the cooling water should be used first), and use the spare equipment;

Close the communication valve and open the exhaust valve of the cutting device to relieve pressure;


If you have purchased other machines such as oxygen compressors, hydrogen compressors, etc., don't forget to do the maintenance on weekdays, which will save you a lot of money.


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