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How to make the CO2 compressor work?

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This article is to let you know how the relevant CO2 compressor works. I will introduce you to the detailed operating procedures. The correct operation can also bring good maintenance to the CO2 compressor, so it is still important.

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  • Condition confirmation

  • start up

  • CO2 compressor process system preparation

  • Main steam line heating pipe

  • Preheating of exhaust steam lines

  • Establish a shaft seal

  • stop


Condition confirmation

Make sure you have enough carbon dioxide.

Ensure that the steam required to start the equipment is sufficient and sufficient.

Make sure that the cooling water of each chiller is used.

Make sure that the instruments, controllers, switches and other instruments used by the equipment have been calibrated and used.

Make sure all electrical appliances are in good condition.

Make sure that the safety valves on the equipment and its accessories are in use.

The equipment speed control system and overvoltage protection system are suitable for static debugging.

The equipment's emergency stop test passed.

start up

Confirm that the turbine rotor is completely stopped.

The slide plate on the cranking device is withdrawn to interlock the travel switch to ensure that the steam turbine cannot be started.

Remove the shaft cover and install a ratchet wrench at the end of the worm shaft.

Push the worm to make the worm contact the worm gear and turn the ratchet wrench clockwise to fully mesh the worm with the worm gear.

Remove the ratchet wrench and attach the shaft cover after confirming that it has been engaged.

Release the travel switch for cutting off the motor power of the cranking motor, start the turning motor, and the rotor will continuously rotate.


CO2 compressor process system preparation

Establish circulating cooling water of E19007 and E19008;

The front and rear valves of the second-stage inlet filter A are opened, and B is reserved;

Open a large valve of K19001 to charge the K19001 cylinder with carbon dioxide;

The venting valve HV19602, the cylinder guide, the E19007/E19008 pilot, and the second-stage inlet filter A of the K19001 second-stage outlet are continuously discharged.

Sampling and analysis of the oxygen content in the cylinder is less than 0.5%;

Close the discharge ports after passing the replacement;

LICA19601, LICA19602 set 20% automatic injection;


Main steam line heating pipe

Confirm that the cylinder guide, the main steam line guide, the emergency shut-off valve body guide, and the warm pipe vent valve are fully open;

Micro-open the bypass valve of the main steam valve, the pressure after the control valve is 0.2-0.3MPa, preheating for 15 to 30 minutes, until the temperature of the main steam line reaches 150 °C or above.

Gradually open the bypass valve of the main steam valve, increase the temperature and temperature of the heating pipe, control the heating rate to 5~10 °C / min, the pressure increase rate is 0.1 ~ 0.15MPa / min, with the decrease of steam condensate volume and The need for warm pipes and boosting, gradually closing the small heating pipe guide valve and the warm pipe venting valve;

When the steam pressure rises to 2.96 MPa and the temperature rises above 330 °C, the main steam valve is fully opened, the heating pipe bypass valve and the warm pipe guide are turned off, and the warm pipe vent valve maintains a certain opening degree.


Preheating of exhaust steam lines

Confirm the exit shutoff valve

Open exhaust pipe drain valve

Open exhaust check valve drain valve

Open steam pressure gauge root valve


Establish a shaft seal 

Confirm that the turbine cylinder is fully open;

Use the cooling water of the steam seal condenser,

Confirm that the condenser guide U-shaped water seal has been established;

To use the shaft seal steam cooler aspirator, first open the steam valve, then open the air valve;



Stop turning the motor of the car;

Manually disengaging the worm gear;

Cover the shaft cover and press the stroke switch that cuts off the power of the motor so that the motor can not be started.


Do not use your oxygen compressor, hydrogen compressor operating experience to operate the CO2 compressor, although there are some links between the compressors, but more different.

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