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How to test compressed nitrogen

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There are a lot of companies that have invested money and energy in their equipment, tools, and personnel operations, but they have suffered a serious blow at some point due to the lack of steps. To be on the safe side, it is necessary to perform a nitrogen test after the nitrogen compressor has been compressed.

you will know:

Why do you test the air after the nitrogen compressor is compressed?

Working principle of nitrogen detection

Nitrogen compressor purity test guide


Why do you test the air after the nitrogen compressor is compressed?


Quality control is critical when using a nitrogen compressor to compress air for industrial processes. This is a small investment that has great benefits for your manufacturing operations and production.


By evaluating your compressed air system, you can prevent contamination and ensure that these systems are not only functioning properly, but also healthy and in line with industry standards. The compressed air test program can be easily implemented, and this quality control measure is worth the extra time.


Working principle of nitrogen detection


l  Meets ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an industry company that adheres to a set of standards around the world. This includes ISO standards for testing and removing contaminants. To be an industry leader and ensure the highest quality for its customers, all industrial manufacturers must comply with these international standards. This standard also applies to oxygen compressors and hydrogen compressors.


In the compressed nitrogen test program, two main components were removed:

1.Test oil

Oil clogging filters can cause downtime, resulting in economic losses and unnecessary maintenance budgets.

2. Testing and extracting water

Water can cause corrosion in our electrical appliances. Over time, maintenance costs can be high, and as mentioned earlier, downtime must be avoided at all costs.

Next, there are other equally harmful pollutants: gaseous and microbes.


Nitrogen compressor purity test guide


1. Compressed nitrogen purity test of particles

Air particles, such as dust, air and soot, may be microscopic, but their presence can adversely affect your components. Size is always considered when testing particles in compressed nitrogen. This small step in the compressed air test cannot be ignored. Particles can be classified according to size. A laser particle counter (LPC) is used to test airborne particles. LPC is effective and it takes only ten minutes to classify contaminants.


2. Oil compressed air specifications

All oils, oil sols, organic solvents and wall flows must be tested. This method is much more complicated than using LPC for particles. On average, you can expect oil testing to take about ten hours from start to finish.


3. Water compressed air quality test

When testing the water content in nitrogen, a hygrometer and an electronic sensor are used. The hygrometer is usually connected to a nitrogen compressor system.


By using the highest quality available equipment, you can minimize maintenance costs and achieve zero downtime.


Generally speaking, the nitrogen produced by you will not be problematic, but due to the aging of the equipment and the improper operation of personnel, these may cause problems with the compressed nitrogen. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of nitrogen and your reputation, maintain the detection of nitrogen.

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