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How to use Industrial Hydrogen Compressor safely?

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With the development of the times, people's quality of life is getting better and better. Different kinds of technological products have improved the quality of life in unique ways. The industrial hydrogen compressor is a typical example of modern technology and its predecessor compressors have been developed over hundreds of years to achieve the quality they have today.

However, many people do not have the correct knowledge of how to use hydrogen compressors safely, and this article will help you to answer your doubts.


Some common Hydrogen compressor accident performance

How to deal with Industrial Hydrogen Compressor failure?

How to maintain an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?


Some common Hydrogen compressor accident performance

Although industrial hydrogen compressors have a long service life, they are bound to fail in use when time reaches a certain point. The following are a few common types of failures of industrial hydrogen compressors. If any of the following situations occur, then your hydrogen compressor will need to be repaired. For example, a sudden decrease in hydrogen volume, fluctuating inlet temperature, a drop in system pressure, a hydrogen compressor shutdown, an unstable signal frequency, etc.

industrial hydrogen compressor 

How to deal with Industrial Hydrogen Compressor failure?

The simple construction of industrial hydrogen compressors means that they do not require much effort in terms of maintenance. It is only necessary to replace the parts for different causes of failure to ensure that the hydrogen compressor is in good working order. Here are a few ways to increase the operational efficiency of industrial hydrogen compressors.


·Unstable signal frequency

For unstable signal frequencies, it is necessary to check whether the 4-20mA signal input to the instrument is normal. If the signal frequency is normal, the problem lies in the grounding and shielding of the 4-20mA control cable. It is important to check carefully whether the grounding is reliable or not.


·Decrease in hydrogen volume

When the equipment fails, it is characterized by a sudden reduction in hydrogen volume, a drop in hydrogen pressure and, in severe cases, a zero hydrogen flow rate, which may even lead to a shutdown. In response to the malfunctioning phenomenon, we can restore normal production by switching to a standby machine. If this does not work, we can simply change the temperature control of the reactor to manual operation, reduce the inlet temperature of the reactor, and reduce the amount of feed to the device.


Machines vary with each breakdown and any equipment needs to be checked regularly. In the case of the hydrogen compressors we manufacture, we recommend that the parts are checked every three months so that failures can be avoided in advance.


How to maintain an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

When using hydrogen compressors, we need to remove dirt regularly to prevent foreign objects from entering the components. Ensuring that the cooling water flows freely and that the cooling water is of good quality. Ensure that the cooling system temperature alarm and the stop interlock protection device of the compressor unit are intact. In addition to this, frequently check that the oil and water separator is working properly and that the separated oil and water are discharged in time.

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