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How to use Oil Free Co2 Compressor safely?

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To understand how oil-free CO2 compressors work and why they last so long, it is best to review each function step by step. Let's walk through how an oil-free CO2 compressor starts working and provides you with the compressed air you need.


Here are the main points of the article:

How does the oil-free CO2 compressors work?

How long do oil-free CO2 compressors last?

What is the general operator safety of the CO2 compressors?


1. How does the CO2 compressors work?

When you think about how an oil-free CO2 compressor works, you need to realize that there's oil in the device, but the oil won't come into contact with the CO2 compressor. You have oil in the gearbox of your oil-free CO2 compressor. Your CO2 compressor gearbox is used to drive two compressor components through an electric motor. The gearbox needs lubrication to function properly and is expensive to replace, so regular maintenance checks should be performed. The oil in the gearbox will lubricate the internal gears and bearings, as well as the bearings and timing gears located in each compressor element. The oil is pumped from the sump inside the gearbox, cooled by the oil cooler and oil filter, and then used to cool the CO2 compressor or gearbox components. The filter is used to remove debris during its lifetime. The main difference is that the internal components and parts of the gearbox will handle long term lubrication. This puts more stress on the engine, but requires less routine maintenance.

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2. How long do oil-free CO2 compressors last?

In general, oil-free CO2 compressors will not last as long as they are lubricated with oil because their pre-lubrication will wear out and degrade over time. Oil-free CO2 compressors also tend to use universal motors, which do not last as long as induction motors. The teflon coating used to lubricate the internal cylinders will wear out over time, and wear will increase when oil-free CO2 compressors are used at extreme temperatures or over long periods of time. If you are vigilant, you can make an oil-free CO2 compressor last for a few years, but this takes more time and money (usually) than an oil-lubricated air compressor. If you want to extend the life of your oil-free CO2 compressor, good maintenance is your best friend. CO2 compressors have a lot of moving parts that can cause serious wear and tear, so make sure you check the inside at least once a month. Inspect permanently lubricated components such as cylinders for teflon coating and teflon or carbon ring seals.


3. What is the general operator safety of the CO2 compressors?

The operator should also take certain precautions when operating the CO2 compressors and after completing the project using the CO2 compressors. It is important to maintain control of the CO2 compressors unit at all times. To have a solid foundation, stand on a level surface at a safe distance from the machine while keeping your hands, clothes and hair away from air nozzles and tools. Although you can use compressed air to clean certain items at low pressure and with a nozzle, you should never use compressed air to clean clothing or human skin. Do not use compressed air to pressurize containers, such as oil from gearboxes, as these containers are not designed to handle high pressure. Do not dry the bearing with compressed air, as doing so will cause excessive rotational speed, which can cause the bearing to explode. Also, be sure to wear proper safety gear. No matter what tools you use on a project, it's crucial to always wear protective gear for your ears and eyes. The risks of not wearing earmuffs may not always be obvious at first, but the adverse effects of noise exposure tend to be experienced later, in some cases lasting for years. Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes goggles, face masks, rubber or leather gloves, steel-toed shoes, and leather or PVC aprons. Cotton clothing is not an effective barrier to compressed air. Cover any part of the body that is likely to come into contact with compressed air or flying particles.


Knowing the CO2 compressors well can help extend their lifespan and guarantee the safety of the operators. For more technical support, we are at your service.

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