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Recommended reasons for Oil Free Co2 Compressor

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The history of CO2 compressors can be traced back to the last century. Due to the increased demand from society at the time, specialist teams began to develop ways of obtaining higher quality compressed carbon dioxide, which had many industrial avenues.

However, many were unaware of the importance of using oil-free CO2 compressors. In this report, the recommended reasons for Oil Free Co2 Compressor will be introduced in detail.


What's an Oil Free Co2 Compressor?

The advantages of an Oil Free Co2 Compressor

How to use an Oil Free Co2 Compressor?


What's an Oil Free Co2 Compressor?

·From definition

A CO2 compressor is a compressor used to supercharge and distribute CO2 gas. It works in three main steps, that is the absorption of carbon dioxide, the compression of carbon dioxide, and finally the discharge of carbon dioxide.


·From Function

The oil-free oxygen compressor is an ecologically friendly and energy-saving product. Its range of applications such as pressurization, pressure regulation, power supply and purging can also provide stable power for energy plants, the food industry and various experimental research units.

CO2 compressors 

Currently, the oil-free oxygen compressor has been a common thing in people’s lives. In summary, Oil Free Co2 Compressors can be considered to be a multiple-functional product that plays an important role in the recovery and storage of CO2. It is important to note that due to the special chemical properties of carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is required that the gas valve, cooler, and buffer tank are designed in stainless steel, which is exactly what we have designed our CO2 compressors to be.


The advantages of an Oil Free Co2 Compressor

The most important feature of our oil-free CO2 compressors is that they are oil-free, which means that there is no need to add any oil to them during use. In addition to this, there are a number of features which are highlighted in this section.


·Corrosion resistance

In the production process, we have strict requirements for raw materials. The oil-free CO2 compressor is designed to be highly resistant to corrosion thanks to its stainless steel corrosion-resistant design. There are no major restrictions on the choice of the working environment.

·Low rotational speed

Due to the small size of our oil-free CO2 compressors, this is why they also have a low speed. As a result, it does not require excessive power during use and is very energy efficient.

·Highly customizable

We manufacture a wide range of oil-free CO2 compressors, such as piston compressors, scroll compressors, rolling rotor compressors and many more. Customers can choose according to their usage scenario.


In summary, these are the main features of our oil CO2 compressors. Not only does it have a high price ratio, but it also has this strong practicality. The long service life will help you to reduce your operating costs.


How to use an Oil Free Co2 Compressor?

In terms of construction, our oil-free oxygen compressors have a very compact design. Therefore, there is no overly cumbersome operating procedure. Next, determine the size of the CO2 tank and how long you want to run the compressor. Finally, switch off your compressor and open the bleed valve, a process that takes only a few seconds. After using your oil-free oxygen compressor, remember to clean the lines promptly to avoid any build-up.

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