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Recommended reasons for oxygen compressor

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I would like to recommend you to use an oxygen compressor. Our company's series of high pressure oxygen compressors are all oil-free, reciprocating piston structure with good properties. The following information is introduced to you.


What is an oxygen compressor?

Piston type oxygen compressor working principle

Piston oxygen compressor advantages


What is an oxygen compressor?


An oxygen compressor is a compressor that is used to pressurize oxygen and deliver it. Oxygen is a violent combustion improver that can easily cause burning and explosion.


Care should be taken when designing and using an oxygen compressor:

1. The compressed gas parts are strictly prohibited from coming into contact with the oil. The cylinders are not lubricated with water and glycerin or oil-free lubrication. The oil is not contaminated during maintenance. It must be cleaned with solvent before assembly.

2. Due to the high humidity when lubricating with water, the temperature rises during compression, and the oxygen from the wet gas cabinet is corrosive, so the material that contacts oxygen should be corrosion resistant and require good heat conduction and electrical conductivity. The cylinder is generally made of phosphor bronze, the piston is made of aluminum alloy, and the intercooler is made of copper tube or stainless steel tube;

3. The average speed of the piston should be low, and the gas velocity in the pipeline should also be lower than that in the air compressor;

4. The exhaust temperature should not be too high, not higher than 100~120°C when lubricated with water, and not higher than 160°C when using oil-free lubricating structure filled with polytetraethylene. The pressure ratio at each level should not be too high.


In medicine, an oxygen compressor is a device for assisting oxygen supply to a patient. Its function is to compress the amount of oxygen cylinder to store more oxygen for use.


Piston type oxygen compressor working principle


When the piston of the piston type oxygen compressor rotates, the connecting rod drives and the piston reciprocates. The working volume formed by the inner wall of the cylinder, the cylinder head and the top surface of the piston changes periodically. When the piston of the piston type oxygen compressor starts to move from the cylinder head, the working volume in the cylinder gradually increases. At this time, the gas is the intake pipe, and the intake valve is pushed open to enter the cylinder until the working volume becomes maximum. The valve is closed; when the piston type oxygen compressor piston moves in the reverse direction, the working volume in the cylinder is reduced, and the gas pressure is increased. When the pressure in the cylinder reaches and is slightly higher than the exhaust pressure, the exhaust valve is opened and the gas is discharged to the cylinder until the piston The exhaust valve closes until the limit is reached. The above process occurs repeatedly when the piston of the piston type oxygen compressor moves in the opposite direction. In short, the piston type oxygen compressor crankshaft rotates once, the piston reciprocates once, and the intake, compression and exhaust processes are successively realized in the cylinder, that is, a working cycle is completed.


Piston oxygen compressor advantages


1. The piston compressor has a wide pressure range and the flow rate can reach the required pressure;

2. The piston compressor has high thermal efficiency and low power consumption per unit;

3. strong adaptability, that is, the exhaust range is wide, and is not affected by the pressure level, can adapt to a wide range of pressure and cooling capacity requirements;

4. piston compressor maintainability;

5. piston compressors have low material requirements, and more common steel materials, processing is easier, and the cost is lower;

6. Piston compressors are relatively mature in technology and have accumulated rich experience in production and use;

7. The piston compressor unit system is relatively simple.


Although piston compressors have drawbacks, they are nothing compared to the advantages. You can go to our company's product page, our company's nitrogen compressor, hydrogen compressor etc., is also a reciprocating piston structure, you can use it with confidence.

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