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The operating principle of the hydrogen compressor

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The hydrogen compressor is an important piece of equipment for the drying position and must be guaranteed to work reliably during the operation of the rectification unit, which is the focus of the electrical preservation work. With the gradual maturity of industrial technology, the types and applications of hydrogen compressors are becoming more and more abundant. This article will focus on the operating principle of the hydrogen compressor.



What is a hydrogen compressor?

The operating principle of a hydrogen compressor

The operating characteristics of hydrogen compressors


What is a hydrogen compressor?


A hydrogen compressor is a compressor that discharges the hydrogen collected in the water electrolyser to the outboard side, and is also a device that compresses and conveys the gas by changing the volume of the gas.



The role of the hydrogen compressor is very important in the fields of petrochemicals, textiles, food, medicine, electricity, machinery and metallurgy. Once a hydrogen compressor fails, it can lead to a stoppage of the installation or even to accidents such as gas leaks, fires and explosions, resulting in significant economic losses.


There is no stopping people from exploring hydrogen. Like any other gas, hydrogen can be increased in pressure by means of reciprocating or centrifugal compressors to meet the requirements of the process operation. In each typical application, the form of compressor to be used should be determined by the flow rate of hydrogen, the pressure to be increased, and the pressure. At the same time, the use of a hydrogen compressor also requires a different type of compressor depending on your application scenario.


The operating principle of hydrogen compressors

The hydrogen compressor is a reciprocating compressor that relies on the reciprocating movement of the diaphragm in the membrane head to compress and transport the gas. The compressor diaphragm consists of three diaphragms, which are clamped along the periphery by the hydraulic oil side and the process gas side and form the diaphragm head. The diaphragm is hydraulically driven to do reciprocating movements in the diaphragm head to achieve compression and delivery of the gas. It is important to understand the operating principle of a hydrogen compressor to avoid misjudgments and to facilitate the use of the compressor in the event of a problem in warranty work.



Operating characteristics of hydrogen compressors

Firstly, the hydrogen compressor operates in a flexible manner, as shown by its large working pressure range, the choice of different types of pump can be obtained from different pressure areas, adjusting the input air pressure output air pressure is adjusted accordingly. Secondly, the hydrogen compressor is very easy to control, from simple manual control to a fully automatic control to meet the requirements. It has a compact design, few parts, few wearing parts, high reliability and high safety.


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