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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a CO2 compressor?

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In present-day society, an increasing number of people are focusing on the quality of air. Give that the air contains more magazines, the compressor was invented in order to obtain purified air. Take the example of the oxygen compressor, which compresses and filters the magazines, making it possible to obtain purified oxygen. Carbon dioxide compressors are also one of the common types of compressors and play an important role in many places.

In this article, we will make an overall analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of a CO2 compressor. Meanwhile, the CO2 compressor applications will be mentioned in detail.


What are the advantages of a CO2 compressor?

What are the disadvantages of a CO2 compressor?

What are the CO2 compressor applications?


What are the advantages of a CO2 compressor?

·Wide range of applications

Obviously, CO2 can be found everywhere. Therefore, the use of CO2 compressors is necessary. Generally speaking, CO2 compressors can be used in a wide range of applications such as machinery, automotive, electronics, power, metallurgy, mining, and construction. Its main function is to pressurize CO2 gas into a liquid for storage and to enhance the recoverability of CO2 gas.



CO2 compressors can provide a reliable and safe oil supply through pump lubrication. The most important feature of our CO2 compressors is that they are totally oil-free. Therefore, there is no need to add oil at the time of operation. In addition, we have designed them with solid construction to give the equipment good operating characteristics.

CO2 compressor 

·Long service life

In the selection of materials, our team CO2 compressors are subjected to thousands of hours of quality control. The cylinders are made of stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion. In addition to this, we have designed our CO2 compressors to be highly resistant to pressure.


Noticeably, CO2 compressors are classified according to their operating principle into three types: positive displacement, power, and thermal. The different types of C02 compressors have different characteristics. Therefore, we need to understand the scenarios in which each type is used before purchasing. For example, power CO2 compressors are fast.


What are the disadvantages of a CO2 compressor?

·Electrical hazards

There are a number of hazards associated with the use of CO2 compressors if care is not taken. An example of this is electrical hazards, which are caused by sockets that are not properly earthed. If not done correctly, this can cause damage to the machine and even pose a threat to the safety of the user.


Overall, there are many limitations when it comes to the use of CO2 compressors, especially when it comes to usage scenarios. Although we offer a great deal of safety in terms of design, there are still some perceived factors that cannot be avoided and which need to be taken into account.


What are the CO2 compressor applications?

As mentioned before, the CO2 compressor has a wide range of applications. Our company mainly produces small-size CO2 compressors with a discharge pressure of 70 - 80 kg. In general, it can be used to recover dry ice volatile gas from CO2 plants. Alternatively, the liquid properties of CO2 are used to complete the process of carrying out industrial and pharmaceutical extractions.

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