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What are the components of an Oil Free Co2 compressor?

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As living standards improve, people are becoming more interested in how a wide range of technological products works. Understanding the features of technology products not only helps people to understand them more fully but also facilitates their learning of insights.


In today's article, we will introduce the basic structure of an oil-free CO2 compressor to give the audience a comprehensive overview of CO2 compressors. Some of the basic types of oil-free CO2 compressors will also be mentioned in this article.


·The basic structure of an Oil Free Co2 Compressor.

·The working principle of an Oil Free Co2 Compressor.

·How many types does an Oil Free Co2 Compressor have?


The basic structure of an Oil Free Co2 Compressor.


In designing the CO2 compressor, we took compactness into account. As a result, the oil-free CO2 compressor is compact and simple to manipulate. Its elementary components are an electric motor, a pump, and a receiver. To be more specific, the electric motor powers the compression pump. The receiver is available in different sizes and capacities. In addition, there are important designs such as safety valves and filters, which also play an important role in the operation of the unit.


The working principle of an Oil Free Co2 Compressor.


The main working process of a CO2 compressor is the three steps of suction, compression, and discharge. The oil-free CO2 compressors we produce are a new range of subcritical CO2 compressors, which are particularly favorable for long working hours. CO2 compressors can be used for the recovery of CO2 after supercritical extraction as well as for CO2 recovery in dry ice plants. In addition, our oil-free CO2 compressors are designed as an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.


How many types does an Oil Free Co2 Compressor have?


When it comes to manufacturing oil-free oxygen compressors. We take into account the high reliability of the equipment, the absolute absence of oil, and the gas tightness during operation or when stopped. What's more, there are process gas compressors that are tailor-made for the customer. In short, customers can customize different types of oil-free hydrogen compressors to match their requirements.


·Common types

According to the difference in working principle, oil-free CO2 compressors can be divided into three types: positive displacement power and thermal, which are also the three most common types on the market.


·Further divisions

If the basic types mentioned above are further divided, oil-free CO2 compressors can also be divided into piston compressors, vane compressors, scroll compressors, screw compressors, rolling rotor compressors. Meanwhile, the different types of the compressor are used in different applications and have very different characteristics, but they all have a similar working process. For example, the scroll compressor is also known as an ultra-quiet compressor because of its smooth operation and low vibration, making it suitable for operation in some quiet environments.


In summary, there are many different types of oil-free CO2 compressors and there is no specific number to define them. Because oil-free CO2 compressors are highly customizable, users can choose from a wide range. 


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