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What are the components of nitrogen compressors?

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With the development of technology, an increasing number of technological products have started to appear in people's lives, and people's living standards have changed to varying degrees because of different products.

Today we would like to introduce the nitrogen compressor, a device that compresses and transmits nitrogen in the air, which can play an important role in various jobs. In this article, we will talk about the importance of using a nitrogen compressor in relation to its basic structure and advantages.


The basics structure of a nitrogen compressor

The common types of a nitrogen compressor

The justifications for using a nitrogen compressor

The basics structure of a nitrogen compressor

A nitrogen compressor is a kind of equipment used to compress and transport nitrogen, it belongs to a kind of compressor. In modern industry, nitrogen plays a big role in various fields.


The mainframe is the core of the nitrogen compressor. Apart from the mainframe, the nitrogen compressor also includes gas coolers at all levels, inlet and exhaust dampers, asynchronous motors, and oil supply units. Our nitrogen compressors are oil-free lubricated and water-cooled. The safety system is equipped with also makes it safe in use.

nitrogen compressor 

The common types of a nitrogen compressor

There are many different types of nitrogen compressors and there is no clear number to define their type. In general, depending on the customer's nitrogen application conditions, our nitrogen compressor types include Z nitrogen compressors, VW nitrogen compressors, WW nitrogen compressors, SW nitrogen compressors, ZW nitrogen compressors, etc. These nitrogen compressors all work on a similar principle but correspond to different use scenarios. Before buying, we recommend that you understand the characteristics of each type of nitrogen compressor.


The justifications for using a nitrogen compressor

·Convenience and safety

Nitrogen is utilized in a variety of industrial applications, including the packaging of perishable foodstuffs in an atmosphere. It is also used to safeguard against fires and explosions in chemical plants. The use of high quality hydrogen compressors not only improves efficiency, but also allows companies to have lower operating costs.At the same time, our nitrogen compressors are simple to operate and their high quality makes them highly safe.

·Highly customizable

Our nitrogen compressor is a kind of fully oil-free lubricated, reciprocating piston compressor designed for industries that require a pure gas supply source and high environmental requirements. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to change the model according to the customer's needs. This allows it to be used in many applications.


In summary, our nitrogen compressor has the following advantages. First of all, it has a high safety level and does not require storage or handling of high-pressure cylinders. Secondly, it has a long standby time with little downtime. Next, it has high recoverability and low cost, with a 90% return on investment. Finally, it can be high purity nitrogen at stable flow and pressure, and our high-intensity production model ensures that it can pass high quality and flexible modular design.

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