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What are the components of oxygen compressors?

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With the development of science and technology, different types of innovative products have entered people's lives. In some ways, these inventions have changed people's lives to some degree.

The components of oxygen compressors will be clearly shown in this report, and we will introduce the features of industrial oxygen compressors to you.


The basic structure of oxygen compressors

How does an oxygen compressor work?

What are the features of industrial oxygen compressors?


The basic structure of oxygen compressors

An oxygen compressor is a compressor that is used to pressurise and enable the delivery of oxygen. Our oxygen compressors are simple to operate and do not require too much work to study the operation.


At the same time, there are a number of components that make up an oxygen compressor and each stage has a temperature controller. If the temperature between stages exceeds the limit, the temperature display gives an audible and visual alarm. Another important component is the cooling system, which prevents the oxygen concentrator from overheating. Once the oxygen has passed through all the sieve bed filters, the oxygen compressor is ready to deliver purified oxygen.

oxygen compressors

How does an oxygen compressor work?

The working principle of an oxygen compressor is not complicated. In short, it can be considered to be a process by which the surrounding air is drawn into the oxygen generator and then compressed and then purified.


To be more specific, the oxygen compressor works in the following five main processes.

Firstly, the air is taken out of the room, i.e. the oxygen compressor is used to absorb the surrounding air. Secondly, the oxygen is compressed, which is a very important step in order to remove the nitrogen from the air. The next step is the adjustment of the air delivery and finally the delivery of the purified air.

This is how the oxygen compressor works. Due to its low speed and low noise level, the oxygen compressor is ideal for quiet environments. It is therefore often used in hospitals.


What are the features of industrial oxygen compressors?

The manufacture and production of oxygen compressors have strict guidelines. As oxygen is a powerful accelerant, it can easily cause combustion and explosions. When designing and using oxygen compressors care should be taken that the compressed gas components are not in contact with oil. Therefore, the most important feature of an industrial oxygen compressor is that it is oil-free and environmentally friendly.


In addition, the compact layout of the industrial oxygen compressor makes it easy to install in oxygen generation equipment. It can be renewed for heavy-duty operation and is said to run for 24 hours continuously.

In general, industrial oxygen compressors are made to more stringent requirements than medical oxygen compressors. Industrial oxygen compressors may use much higher pressures and flow rates than medical equipment. To meet this demand, the related enterprises have developed an alternative process called vacuum swing adsorption. In addition, industrial oxygen compressors are not suitable for use as bedside medical compressors.


There are many other specific types and models of oxygen compressors, and different models correspond to different uses. Therefore we recommend that you always identify the use scenario before purchasing. 

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