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What are the operating methods of Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

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Science and technology are essential to the advancement of human civilization Take the example of the hydrogen compressor, whose predecessor, the compressor, has evolved over hundreds of years. Today, industrial hydrogen compressors are an essential part of modern industry, and their outstanding physical properties make them extremely useful in a number of applications.


Whereas hydrogen is usually produced at relatively low pressures, it must be compressed before it can be transported - this is how oxygen compressors work. Today we would like to introduce the operation of industrial hydrogen compressors. By explaining the physical properties and the working principle of a hydrogen compressor, we will take the audience on a closer look at this equipment.


·What’s the working principle of Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

·What are the precautions when using an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

·How to use Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?


What’s the working principle of Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?


The working principle of a hydrogen compressor is easily understood. Through the connection of equipment, the source of hydrogen is compressed and then transferred, resulting in industrial compressed hydrogen.


Take the example of a reciprocating compressor, which moves a piston or diaphragm back and forth by means of a motor with a linear drive. This movement compresses the hydrogen by reducing the volume occupied by the hydrogen gas. The common types of compressors currently used for hydrogen compression are positive displacement compressors or centrifugal compressors. Positive displacement compressors can be either reciprocating or rotary compressors, depending on the customer's needs. Regardless of the variation in types, their function stays the exact same.


What are the precautions when using an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?


Our industrial hydrogen compressors are designed with safety, hermeticity, and durability considerations in mind. However, there are still a number of factors that need to be taken into account during actual use, which is highlighted in this section.


·Protection against hydrogen sulfide corrosion

When using industrial hydrogen compressors, simple desulphurization devices are added depending on the actual situation on site. The purpose of this is to reduce the hydrogen sulfide content of the medium and to reduce the corrosion of the internal components of the compressor unit by hydrogen sulfide.


·Anti-overheating measures

Anti-overheating measures are an essential part of using industrial hydrogen compressors. We can determine the nature of the compressed hydrogen gas, determine the oil analysis and select a grease of higher quality. In addition, the greases used in hydrogen compressors are monitored during inspection and testing.


In conclusion, there are many other important points to note during the use of a hydrogen compressor. Only with the best maintenance can a series of faults be avoided.


How to use Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?


Getting started with a hydrogen compressor is not a difficult task. Prepare a source of hydrogen and make sure it works properly and efficiently. The customer can obtain hydrogen in simple ways, for example by passing water through an electric current or by using zinc in a chemical reaction with acid. Then connect the appliance and turn off the tap to prevent the gas from flowing. During the connection process, it is best to use an external pump to push the gas into the compressor. Prepare the gas tank, making sure that there are no cracks in the tank and that the valve is not damaged again. Next, allow the gas to flow into the compressor inlet. Then observe the movement of the pressure gauge. When the reading reaches the pressure tolerance, switch off the compressor.



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