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What are the operating methods of nitrogen compressor?

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Nowadays, whether to use nitrogen has attracted a lot of controversies. Some people hold the view that nitrogen has a lot of advantages and applications that could play a vital role in our lives. In the meantime, others believe that there are certain hazards of nitrogen, for example, when the nitrogen content in the air is too high, so that the inhalation gas oxygen partial pressure drops, or even cause hypoxic asphyxiation.


In recent years, an increasing number of people have started to use nitrogen compressors due to the increased frequency of compressed nitrogen use. In this report, the operating methods of nitrogen compressors will be illustrated in detail.


·The working principle of a nitrogen compressor.

·How to operate a nitrogen compressor?

·The suggestions for maintaining a nitrogen compressor.


The working principle of nitrogen compressor.


The equipment used for compressing and distributing nitrogen gas is the nitrogen compressor. All levels of gas cooler, inlet and outlet dampers, asynchronous motor and oil supply system, nitrogen compressor unit are the main components. For the main machine in addition. Through the filter, the dry nitrogen gas enters the compressor, and through multi-stage compression, the final pressure reaches the specified high pressure. The hot gas is cooled by a water-cooled shell-and-tube heat exchanger after each stage of compression. The oxygen compressor is a compressor that puts nitrogen gas by compression and transmission in cheerful terms. High-purity, industry-standard nitrogen will be produced at the end of the work, while the other gases in the air, led by oxygen, will be filtered.


How to operate a nitrogen compressor?


·Check before use

Before operating, make sure to check the corresponding parts in time. Check the valve body of the compressor body, piping, fittings, check valve, valve, oil and water separator, water cooler, etc. There is no abnormality, the position of the electric instrument oiler and crankcase is normal, whether the coupling is fixed If the screws are tight, the abnormalities should be solved in time during the inspection.


·Check the temperature abnormality

Nitrogen compressor start-up operation for more than two hours, and exhaust temperature level of more than 180 °C interlock shutdown, two DN25 return valves of the second and third cylinder are not open triggered after inspection, the first cylinder. The end of the maintenance was not restored in the day before the maintenance machine closed the two valves, if the machine is not carefully tested before the start, it will trigger the cylinder cooling is not enough, the exhaust temperature exceeds.


·Operation steps

To summarize the operation steps of the nitrogen compressor in simple words, it is to open the connected equipment and turn on the nitrogen source to avoid leakage. Then, through the cycle of suction, compression, and discharge, compressed nitrogen is produced. In addition, we need to pay attention to the chemical properties of nitrogen, although nitrogen is not a flammable gas, some metals will still react with nitrogen.


Our nitrogen compressors are simple in structure. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend too much time studying the operation process, and it is not necessary to combine the physical properties of nitrogen to avoid accidents.


The suggestions for maintaining a nitrogen compressor.


Our nitrogen compressors are durable, corrosion-resistant, easy to operate, and safe. However, in order to ensure the life of the product, we recommend a full inspection of the parts every six months, after all, our nitrogen compressors operate with water cooling and do not require the addition of grease. If used for too long, the moving parts may overheat, we need to check and replace the corresponding parts in time to prevent equipment failure, thus requiring higher maintenance costs.


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