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What are the physical principles of the oxygen compressor?

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With the development of the times, more and more scientific and technological products are beginning to appear in people's lives. Different mechanical items have changed people's lives to varying degrees.

The product we are introducing today is the oxygen compressor. In this report, the physical principles of the oxygen compressor will be illustrated clearly.


What's the oxygen compressor?

How does an oxygen compressor work?

Where can a high oxygen compressor be applied?


What's the oxygen compressor?

An oxygen compressor is a machine that pressurizes the gas and delivers it continuously.


An oxygen compressor is a compressor used to pressurize and deliver oxygen, and it is used for the purpose of generating high purity oxygen. However, when using an oxygen compressor we need to be aware that since oxygen is a strong accelerant, it must avoid its contact with oil products when using an oxygen compressor.

In terms of basic function, the oxygen compressor plays an important role in hospitals and many other fields.

oxygen compressor 

How does a high oxygen compressor work?

Noticeably, the principle of operation of an oxygen compressor is not complicated. It works by drawing the surrounding air into the oxygen generator, which is then compressed and purified in a step that removes nitrogen and other air impurities. Oxygen-enriched air is created using the surrounding atmosphere. The purified, oxygen-rich air is then delivered to the patient. For this reason, oxygen compressors are often found in hospitals.


Oxygen compressors are mainly used in hospital oxygen supply centers to increase the pressure of the oxygen supply line to the room, also to increase oxygen and to fill cylinders with oxygen. In addition to this, oxygen presses can be used for industrial acetylene cutting, steel mill scrap cutting, and to support boiler oxygen combustion to recover vapor oxygen from cryogenic liquid oxygen tanks to the tank.


Where can a high oxygen compressor be applied?

In general, oxygen compressors can be classified according to the size of the outlet pressure: high-pressure compressors, medium-pressure compressors, low-pressure compressors. Meanwhile, It is worth noting that each stage has an inter-stage safety valve. If the stage is over-pressurized, the safety valve will release the over-pressurized gas to ensure the stable operation of the compressor.


The high-pressure industrial oxygen compressor has a higher pressure than the usual oxygen compressor. It has two main applications. The first is that the PSA oxygen presses in hospitals need to be pressurized to supply individual wards and operating theatres, providing a line pressure of 7-10 bar.

The second is that PSA oxygen needs to be saved as high-pressure oxygen. In a container that can be moved easily, the storage pressure is typically 100barg, 150barg, 200barg, or higher.


Generally, high oxygen compressors have two-stage compression, stainless steel cylinders with low inlet pressure protection on the inlet side, and high exhaust pressure protection on the exhaust side and high exhaust temperatures. If the temperature exceeds the excess pressure, the system will go into emergency and then into stoppage, this is to ensure the oxygen compressor can operate safely.

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