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What are the precautions for using nitrogen compressor?

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Nitrogen compressors are a type of equipment used mainly in various industrial needs. The working principle of the oxygen compressor is not complicated. The original inlet of the nitrogen compressor is connected to the balance tank with a pipe, and as this pipe provides a certain pressure, it stops the air from leaking into the cylinder from the gap between the sealing letter and the piston rod, thus ensuring the purity of the compressed nitrogen.


The working condition of the compressor has been greatly improved by the above improvements. We will explain the failure and maintenance of the nitrogen compressor, and the precautions to be taken when using it.



·The common types of nitrogen compressor failures.

·How to deal with nitrogen compressor failures?

·Rationale for the use of a nitrogen compressor.


The common types of nitrogen compressor failures.

For any mechanical product, the cause of failure usually occurs due to long usage. The following are a few common cases of nitrogen compressor failure.


·Oil break phenomenon

Due to the oil-free lubrication of the nitrogen compressor, the temperature of the cylinders at all levels of the compressor will increase to a certain extent due to usage time. In the event of an oil failure, the safety control system will issue an alarm and delayed shutdown to protect the nitrogen compressor.


·Gas valve failure

During everyday use of the nitrogen compressor, the suction valves at all levels can be touched directly by hand. If once found hot or significantly high temperature, it means that this gas valve has the problem of internal leakage. We should stop at the first time and disassemble the parts for inspection, generally the valve piece is broken off the block problem, or the valve piece wear seal is not tight, valve cover loose will also cause internal leakage and noise. In addition, the suction and exhaust valve failure can cause the exhaust pressure and temperature rise, which needs to be noted.


The main failure phenomena of nitrogen compressor are abnormal sound in the cylinder, abnormal sound in the valve, unit start-up failure, abnormal cylinder heating, etc. Different fault situations need to be repaired according to different methods, the next part will focus on how to repair the nitrogen compressor.


How to deal with nitrogen compressor failures?

·Regular inspection

The hydrogen compressor needs to be tested for lubricant and cleaned every once in a while, with a recommended six-month cleaning cycle. Besides, we also recommend annual oil cooler coring to remove dirt from the oil side of the shell process to prevent foreign objects from entering the equipment.


·Safety attention

Each time the machine is serviced, a warning sign must be hung on the relevant gas valve and waterway valve to prevent unintentional operation from making other machines backflow over or waterway water supply and enter the crankcase, and the maintenance process of the safety compressor must be considered first. After the inspection is completed, the warning sign is removed by the hanging personnel to notify the operating personnel that the maintenance is over and the machine can be tested.


In short, it is important to consider safety and periodicity when maintaining nitrogen compressors. In addition, nitrogen compressors have high requirements for grease, so be sure to choose a high quality grease, otherwise it will damage the performance of the equipment.


Rationale for the use of a nitrogen compressor.

The reason for using a nitrogen compressor is simple and its broad range of applications is the most direct reason. In industrial applications, compressed nitrogen is commonly used, with the atmospheric packaging of perishable food being the most typical example. In addition, nitrogen compressors can also be used in horticulture, laser cutting, chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical electronics, etc.

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