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What are the types of co2 compressors?

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CO2 compressors are available in piston or scroll type. Since different types of manufacturers may require different types of co2 compressors, you can select the model you need according to the article. You can also use our company's oxygen compressors, nitrogen compressors and other machines.


  • CO2 piston compressor

  • CO2 vane compressor

  • CO2 scroll compressor

  • CO2 screw compressor

  • CO2 rolling rotor compressor

  • C02 axial compressor

CO2 piston compressor 

Because the piston compressor is resistant to high pressure and the sealing ring can effectively reduce leakage, the piston compressor is mainly used in the early research of CO2 compressor. The basic working principle of the CO2 piston compressor is the same as that of the conventional male piston compressor. The working cycle of the piston compressor is divided into four processes. The operation of the piston compressor is accomplished by constantly changing the working volume of the cylinder, the gas valve and the piston reciprocating in the cylinder. If the volume loss and energy loss (ie, the ideal working process) in the actual operation of the piston compressor are not considered, the work done by the piston compressor crankshaft per revolution can be divided into the suction, compression and exhaust processes. The overall structure of the piston compressor is related to the sealing method, working conditions, cooling load, production, installation, cost and other factors.

 co2 compressor

CO2 vane compressor

The vane compressor is a type of positive displacement compressor. In the vane type CO2 compressor, the leakage loss is an important factor affecting the volumetric efficiency, and the pressure drop loss has little effect on the volumetric efficiency, so the volumetric efficiency increases with the increase of the rotational speed. For the vane type CO2 compressor, even if the rotation speed is high, the suction pressure drop value is small. Therefore, it is more suitable for operation under high speed conditions than the R134a compressor. The vane compressor uses traditional, proven technology to drive directly at very low speeds with unmatched reliability. The rotor is the only continuously operating component with thousands of slots cut along the length and a slide that slides over the oil film. The rotor rotates in the stator of the cylinder. During the rotation, the centrifugal force pulls the slide out of the groove to form a separate compression chamber. The rotation causes the volume of the compression chamber to continuously decrease, and the air pressure is continuously increased. The heat generated by the compression is controlled by injecting pressurized oil. High pressure air is exhausted from the exhaust port where residual oil is removed by the final oil separator.


CO2 scroll compressor

For the development of CO2 scroll compressor, the main problem is the radial leakage problem. By adopting measures such as compression chamber injection and axial flexible mechanism, the axial leakage gap between the moving plates is reduced, thereby reducing the radial leakage. the amount. The scroll compressor is mainly composed of an active scroll, a net scroll, a bracket, an eccentric shaft and an anti-rotation mechanism. After assembling the movable scroll and the net scroll with the same parameters of the vortex line, the phase difference is π, and the center of the base circle is fixed, a plurality of pairs of crescent-shaped volume chambers can be formed. When the eccentric shaft pushes the center of the scroll to make a circular orbit around the center of the net scroll, the closed volume chambers are correspondingly enlarged or contracted, thereby achieving the purpose of gas suction, compression and exhaust. The low-pressure gas enters the suction chamber from the suction hole opened in the net scroll or the peripheral gap of the dynamic and static scroll, and is compressed and removed by the exhaust hole at the center of the net scroll.


CO2 screw compressor

Air is drawn in via a filter and a proportional valve that is primarily used to regulate the air cylinder rotor and the pressure chamber formed by the vanes. The rotor rotates eccentrically with respect to the cylinder, the valve plate is mounted in the groove of the rotor, and the slide is pushed to the cylinder wall by centrifugal force. The efficient oil filling system can ensure the cooling of the compressor and the minimum loss of lubricant in the cylinder wall. A thin film of oil formed on the film prevents direct contact between the metal parts and causes wear.


CO2 rolling rotor compressor

The rotor compressor is driven by an electric motor or an electric motor (mainly driven by an electric motor), and the other rotor is driven by an oil film formed when oil is ejected. The main gear or synchronous gear is located at the end of the main rotor and the concave end of the rotor. The compressor cylinder is equipped with a pair of interdependent internally threaded rotors, which rotate in opposite directions to each other. The gap between the rotor and the housing is 5-10 lines. The main rotor is driven by the motor or the motor, and the other rotor is driven by the oil film. The rotor is formed with a synchronous transmission device with injection or injection, a main rotor end and four rotor ends. Therefore, there is no metal contact on the driver.


C02 axial compressor

The axial compressor is a large-scale air compressor. The maximum power can reach 150,000 KW, the displacement is 20,000 m3 / min, and its compressor energy efficiency can reach 90%. It is more energy-efficient than the centrifuge. . The fixed vane adjustable mechanism of the axial compressor and the intermediate cylinder that drives the mechanism. The casing is standardized and the same type of casing with different stages, the inlet and exhaust cylinders are the same, and the change of the length of the fuselage of different stages The wood mold is realized. When the number of stages is not used, all the structures are the same except for the axial length. The main shaft is made of nickel-chromium alloy steel, the blade material is chrome stainless steel, the inner cylinder structure of the vane, the shaft seal, the auxiliary equipment of the coupling-stage axial compressor, the lubricating oil system, the control system and the protection system are all Very intelligent. The reaction of the first six levels is 70%, and the reaction of the next few levels is 100%.


The working principles of six different CO2 compressors have been described above. Piston type carbon dioxide compressor is suitable for small and medium gas transportation. The outlet pressure can range from low pressure to ultra-high pressure. Centrifugal CO2 compressors and axial CO2 compressors are suitable for medium and medium pressure gas delivery. Rotary CO2 compressors are suitable for medium and small gas delivery at medium and low pressures, while screw CO2 compressors have a larger gas delivery capacity. If you have any relevant considerations, you can find them on our product page.

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