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What are the working systems of the hydrogen compressor?

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There are many different types of industrial gases, of which hydrogen is a typical example, and hydrogen is relied upon for its special properties. The introduction to this article is dedicated to the compression of hydrogen, he is the hydrogen compressor, this article will mainly introduce the working system and operation of the hydrogen compressor, as a brief introduction and analysis of the hydrogen compressor.



The operating principle of hydrogen compressors

The working system of a hydrogen compressor

Why use an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?


The operating principle of a hydrogen compressor

hydrogen compressor is a device that completes the process of compressing and transporting gas by changing the volume of the gas. The compressor membrane consists of three diaphragms, which are clamped along the perimeter by the hydraulic oil side and the process gas side and form the diaphragm head, which is mechanically driven in a reciprocating motion within the diaphragm head to compress and deliver the gas. At the same time, the main body of the hydrogen compressor consists of two systems, the hydraulic oil system and the gas compression system, which are separated by a metal diaphragm.


The working system of the hydrogen compressor

Compression system

The compression system is the core system of the hydrogen compressor, it mainly consists of the process gas head and the diaphragm chamber, there are inlet and outlet check valves installed in the process gas head, the diaphragm does reciprocating movement to complete the compression of the process gas.


Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system consists of the crankcase, crankshaft, piston, automatic hydraulic oil injection pump and piping of the oil circuit system, etc. The piston makes reciprocating movements to make pulsating changes in hydraulic oil pressure, and the hydraulic oil pushes the diaphragm to make reciprocating movements.


Cooling systems

The main purpose of the cooling system is to keep the engine in the right temperature range under all working conditions, thus avoiding equipment failure. The cooling water enters the compressor body and is divided into two streams, one into the oil cooler, which cools the hydraulic oil. One stream goes into the compressor diaphragm head for cooling.


The above is the working system of a hydrogen compressor. The working principle of a hydrogen compressor is not complicated, but there are some precautions to be remembered when using a hydrogen compressor. For example, before starting the hydrogen compressor plant, check the safety status of the power system and ensure that the charged components are discharged to ensure safe operation of the plant.


Why use an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

The Industrial Hydrogen Compressor is a natural consequence of modern industrial development. The increasing industrial use of hydrogen has led to an increasing demand for Industrial Hydrogen Compressors. In terms of quality, we have strict process requirements for Industrial Hydrogen Compressors. The Industrial Hydrogen Compressor is required to be hermetically sealed to ensure that the gas does not escape and that the membrane chamber is closed to any oil droplets, oil mist and other impurities, ensuring that the incoming gas is not contaminated by outside sources when compressing the gas.


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