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What is an High pressure Oxygen Compressor?

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High-pressure oxygen compressor is a kind of compressor classified by pressure. The exhaust pressure is 100-1000mpa. Its models are available in piston, screw and centrifugal oxygen compressors. Let's take a closer look at what is a high pressure oxygen compressor.

High pressure oxygen compressor structure

High pressure oxygen compressor accessories

Installation of high pressure oxygen compressor

High pressure oxygen compressor structure

High pressure oxygen compressor can be divided into two parts: The second part is the transmission and lubrication part of the oxygen compressor, power through the v belt or even from the shaft to oxygen compressor large flywheel, the flywheel to oxygen compressor crankshaft, make the connecting rod inside the crankshaft drives the oxygen compression pattern, form connecting rod up and down reciprocating motion, connecting rod drive cross at the top of the cross head slide up and down to move the piston rod, the lower part of the lubrication system is oil lubrication, the other end of the crankshaft is passive oil pump, the lower part of the lubrication is all done by oil lubrication, general pressure can be between 1 to 3 kg, to keep the bearing part of good lubrication effect. The upper part is the gas compression structure part, and the upper part is separated from the lower part. Fluctuation two parts have the letter under seal and seal on the letter to separated, the sealed letter is used to control the oil and gas can not leak and splash up a component, the seal function is used to control the oxygen leaking down a part of sealed letter to regularly check and adjust the up and down can't let both air leakage and oil leakage, if mix oxygen and lubricating oil, it is inevitable to cause accidents and endanger people's life safety.The upper part has one, two and three cylinders, two and three pistons, one, two and three cylinder heads, one, two and three intake and exhaust valves, one, two and three cooling pipes, one, two and three safety valves. The piston does reciprocating movement in the cylinder. The piston goes down and the inlet valve is opened to suck the finished oxygen into the cylinder. The piston upper exhaust valve automatically opens to remove oxygen from the cylinder. Such a process is high.if the oxygen pressure, cylinder head is in the exhaust valve components, oxygen under compressed naturally generate heat, oxygen under different pressure through the cooling pipe at all levels, at the same time they are outside of the heat transfer in cooling water, in an oxygen through the heat exchange water supply, the cold water exchange to oxygen, such a process can make cooling of the oxygen compressor parts, can ensure the oxygen compressor uninterrupted work.

oxygen compressor

High pressure oxygen compressor accessories

High pressure oxygen compressor accessories are as follows: air compressor accessories, cooler, cylinder, cross head, cooler, air valve, crankshaft, connecting rod, small head tile | big head tile, piston rod, sealing ring, oil scraping ring, supporting ring.

Installation of high pressure oxygen compressor

High pressure oxygen compressor is not the same as the ordinary oxygen compressor, installation position is more important. The selection of installation sites is ignored by the staff, often after the purchase of the compressor to find a random location, piping immediately after use, there is no prior planning. However, such a hasty result is the cause of compressor failure maintenance difficulties and poor quality of compressed air in the future. So choosing a good installation site is a prerequisite for using the air pressure system correctly.

1. A wide area with good lighting should be provided for operation and maintenance.

2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, the dust is less, the air is clean and well ventilated.

3. The ambient temperature should be below 40℃, because the higher the ambient temperature is, the less air output of the compressor will be.

4. If the factory environment is poor and dust is high, per-filter equipment shall be installed.

5. The road is reserved. If qualified, the crane can be installed for maintenance.

6. Reserve maintenance space, between the compressor and the wall must be at least 70 cm above the distance.

7. The compressor should be at least one meter away from the top.

8. Install walls and other explosion-proof devices.


High pressure oxygen compressor has been widely used, we need to have a full understanding of it in order to better use it.

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