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What is an oxygen compressor?

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Do you want to know the oxygen compressor? Oxygen compressors can be used not only in medical applications, but also in the factory. If your plant is interested, you can also learn about our nitrogen compressors and CO2 compressors. The quality of our products is recognized and you can choose with confidence.

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What is oxygen compressor?

Oxygen compressor work process


What is oxygen compressor?

3M3 oxygen compressor


An oxygen compressor is a compressor that is used to pressurize oxygen and deliver it. Oxygen is a violent combustion improver that can easily cause burning and explosion. Care should be taken when designing and using an oxygen compressor:


1. The compressed gas parts are strictly prohibited from coming into contact with the oil. The cylinders are not lubricated with water and glycerin or oil-free lubrication. The oil is not contaminated during maintenance. It must be cleaned with solvent before assembly.


2. Due to the high humidity when lubricating with water, the temperature rises during compression, and the oxygen from the wet gas cabinet is corrosive, so the material that contacts oxygen should be corrosion resistant and require good heat conduction and electrical conductivity. The cylinder is generally made of phosphor bronze, the piston is made of aluminum alloy, and the intercooler is made of copper tube or stainless steel tube;


3. The average speed of the piston should be low, and the gas velocity in the pipeline should also be lower than that in the air compressor;


4. The exhaust temperature should not be too high, not higher than 100~12C °C when lubricated with water, and not higher than 160 °C when using oil-free lubricating structure filled with polytetraethylene. The pressure ratio at each level should not be too high.


Oxygen compressor work process


This process can be divided into four processes of expansion, suction, compression, and exhaust.

1. Expansion: When the piston moves to the left, the volume of the cylinder increases, the pressure drops, and the residual gas originally remaining in the cylinder expands.


2. Suction: When the pressure drops slightly less than the gas pressure in the intake pipe, the gas in the intake pipe pushes the suction valve into the cylinder. As the piston moves to the left, gas continues to enter the cylinder until the piston moves to the left end.


3. Compression: As the piston turns to the right, the volume of the cylinder gradually shrinks, thus starting the process of compressing the gas. Since the suction valve has a back-stop effect, the gas in the cylinder cannot be returned to the inlet pipe, and the gas pressure in the outlet pipe is higher than the gas pressure inside the cylinder, and the gas in the cylinder cannot escape from the exhaust valve to the outside of the cylinder. The gas in the outlet pipe has a back-stop effect due to the discharge valve and cannot flow into the cylinder. Therefore, the amount of gas in the cylinder is kept constant, and only because the piston continues to move to the right, the air volume in the cylinder is reduced, and the pressure of the gas is continuously increased.


5. Discharge: As the piston moves to the right and the pressure of the compressed gas rises slightly to the gas pressure in the outlet pipe, the gas in the cylinder opens the spring of the exhaust valve into the outlet pipe and continuously discharges until the piston moves. Until the end of the right. Then, the piston starts moving to the left again, repeating the above action. The piston continuously reciprocates in the cylinder to allow the cylinder to recirculate and exhaust the gas. Each reciprocation of the piston becomes a working cycle, and the distance that the piston passes each time or once is called the stroke.


The most common types of oxygen compressors are industrial and medical. You can use an oxygen compressor in your factory for processing, it is easy to use, and the quality is good, you can use it with confidence.

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