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What is the development history of the hydrogen compressor?

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A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Air compressors have been developed over hundreds of years and with the development of industry, the demand for higher air quality has increased. Different types of air compressors have thus been invented, of which hydrogen compressors are typical.

Today, we will focus on the history of the development of hydrogen compressors.


When the hydrogen compressor is invented?

Why use the hydrogen compressor?

The basic structure of the hydrogen compressor


When the hydrogen compressor is invented?

·Motivation for the invention of the hydrogen compressor

Hydrogen is the fuel with the highest energy content per unit weight. In order to achieve a usable energy density, efficient hydrogen compression is essential. With this in mind, the hydrogen compressor was thus invented.

·How is the hydrogen compressor developed?

Compressors are an indispensable and versatile part of modern industry, and the vacuum pump made in Germany in 1640 was the ancestor of the modern compressor. In the centuries since then, research into compressors has never stopped.


In the 20th century, compressor technology matured and, apart from the hydrogen compressor, the oxygen compressor was the demanded compressor in society at that time.

In the last two decades, and especially in the last 11 years of the 21st century, new compressor technologies have emerged, machining precision has increased and auxiliary equipment has become increasingly sophisticated.

In short, the history of the development of hydrogen compressors is a long process that has evolved with the times to bring about the number and variety that we have today. Mankind's quest for technology and the demand for products has led to the wide variety of hydrogen compressors available today.

hydrogen compressors 

Why use the hydrogen compressor?

Our hydrogen compressors are designed to be completely oil-free to ensure excellent gas purity. The production process also has strict requirements for precision and quality. In addition to this, our hydrogen compressors are designed to have a long service life for use in a wide range of applications.


The basic structure of the hydrogen compressor

·Safety valves

Our hydrogen compressors are designed with inter-stage safety valves, one for each stage, which are designed to ensure the stable operation of the compressor. The safety valve can then be disengaged due to overpressure. In terms of use, hydrogen compressors are absolutely safe.


After the hydrogen compressor has been in operation for a certain period of time, the heat of the hydrogen is transferred to the refrigerant in the tube through the surface of the heat exchanger tube, which reduces the temperature of the hydrogen and achieves a simple and easy cooling. The cooling process is a repetitive cooling process, which not only achieves the purpose of cooling but also increases the efficiency of the equipment.

·Compressed air separation and purification unit

The purification unit is the heart of every air compressor and is designed to filter out impurities from the air. It is worth noting that if the hydrogen compressor needs to work in environments where the air quality is poor, for example in dusty environments. Additional filters need to be installed, otherwise the filtering effect may be compromised.


Above are the main core components of a hydrogen compressor. Other components of a hydrogen compressor besides those mentioned above include the main compressor, the explosion-proof or normal motor, the gearing, the instrumentation, the automatic suction and discharge pressure control, etc.

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