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What is the working principle of the Industrial Oxygen Compressor?

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In this generation of continuous scientific and technological progress, an increasing variety of technological products are changing people's lives. The product we are introducing today is the industrial oxygen compressor, which plays a vital role in contemporary society.


How does an Industrial Oxygen Compressor work?

Technical advantages of industrial oxygen compressors

Drawbacks of some common types of Oxygen Compressor


How does an Industrial Oxygen Compressor work?


When the Industrial Oxygen Compressor is activated, the surrounding air is absorbed and compressed. The compressed air moves to the sieve bed filter. The sieve bed filter is one of the most important components of the compressor and its main function is to remove the nitrogen from the air.


After the nitrogen has been thrown out of the air, the next step is to adjust the air delivery method. The compressor compresses the filtered air into the concentrator and then delivers the air in a continuous manner. It is important to note that the filtration and delivery is a cyclic process.


The cooling system plays an equally large role and is there to prevent the portable oxygen concentrator from overheating. After the oxygen has passed through all the sieve bed filters, the purified oxygen is thus produced.


In summary, the working principle of an industrial oxygen compressor is not complicated and it can be seen as a process that goes from absorbing air to filtering and then purifying it. Due to the simple construction of the oxygen compressor, it is very easy to get to grips with its operation.

industrial oxygen compressor 

Technical advantages of industrial oxygen compressors

Industrial oxygen compressors are suitable for PSA and VPSA processes and are environmental-friendly,pure and non-polluting.


Take the VPSA process for example, it is a very simple method of oxygen compression, using air as raw material and consuming only as much energy as the equipment needs for electricity. In addition, the technical features of the industrial oxygen compressor make it possible to automate its operation.


Drawbacks of some common types of Oxygen Compressor

·Piston Oxygen Compressor 

The disadvantages of the piston oxygen compressor are that it does not have a high speed and that it is large and heavy compared to conventional oxygen compressors, which is not conducive to portability. In addition to this, its discharge is not continuous and is likely to cause pulsations in the airflow. Piston oxygen compressors are used in small and medium-sized refrigeration.

·Centrifugal Oxygen Compressor

The main disadvantage of the centrifugal oxygen compressor is the poor adaptability of the operation. It has a high flow velocity and large friction losses in the flow path area. In contrast, the centrifugal oxygen compressor is suitable for use in a number of low and medium flow rates and low and medium pressure applications.


As shown above, these are the main drawbacks of several common types of oxygen compressors. For oxygen compressors, the biggest factor determining their effectiveness in use is the limitation of the corresponding type. Therefore, before buying an oxygen compressor, it is important to have a clear understanding of the characteristics of the corresponding type.

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