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What types of High pressure Oxygen Compressors are there?

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The high pressure oxygen compressor compresses free air under 10 mpa and removes excess moisture, as well as oil and impurities, producing odorless cleaning gas. There are also many kinds of high pressure oxygen compressors, which will be introduced in detail below.

According to the working principle, high-pressure oxygen compressor can be divided into two categories: velocity type and displacement type

Velocity type

Displacement type

Velocity type

The velocity equation is based on the action of the gas in the high-speed rotating impeller to obtain a large kinetic energy, and then the velocity drops sharply in the diffuser to make the kinetic energy of the gas into potential energy, so as to improve the gas pressure. There are two basic types of velocity type: centrifugal type and axial flow type.

oxygen compressor

Displacement type

The displacement type is to reduce the gas volume by directly compressing the gas to increase the gas pressure. The displacement type is divided into two types according to the characteristics of the cylinder measuring piston: rotary type and reciprocating type. Most air compressors made up of oxygen tank adopt positive displacement type. Rotary type is the piston for rotary motion, the piston is also known as dry, the number of rotors is different, cylinder shape is different. The rotary type includes rotor type, screw type, slide type and so on. Reciprocating means that the piston moves back and forth, and the cylinder is cylindrical. Reciprocating includes piston type and membrane type, among which piston type is widely used at present. Among them, piston air compressor can be classified by exhaust pressure, exhaust volume, structure type and structure characteristics.

1. According to the exhaust pressure, it can be divided into:

Low pressure air compressor exhaust pressure ≤ 1.0mpa, medium pressure air compressor 1.0mpa < exhaust pressure ≤10MPa, high pressure air compressor 10MPa < exhaust pressure ≤100MPa

2. The exhaust volume can be divided into:

Small air compressor 1m3 / min < exhaust ≤10m3 / min, medium air compressor 10m3 / min < exhaust ≤100m3 / min, large air compressor > 100m3 / min, air compressor's exhaust refers to the suction state of free gas flow. General provisions: shaft power < 15KW, exhaust pressure ≤ 1.4mpa for micro air compressor.

3. According to the relative position between the center line of the cylinder and the ground, it can be divided into: 

Vertical air compressor - the center line of the cylinder is arranged vertically with the ground. , angular air compressor -- center line of the cylinder is at a certain Angle to the ground (V-type, W-type, L-type, etc.), horizontal air compressor -- center line of the cylinder is parallel to the ground, the cylinder is arranged on one side of the crankshaft, and the center line of the dynamic balanced air compressor -- the cylinder is parallel to the ground, and the cylinder is arranged symmetrically on both sides of the crankshaft.

4. According to structural characteristics, it can be divided into:

Single-acting -- only at the side of the piston is compressed gas, double-acting, on both sides of the piston is compressed gas, water cooled - refers to the cylinder with a cooling water jacket, water cooling, air cooled - cylinder surface with heat sink, air cooling, stationary - air compressor unit is fixed on the ground, portable, air compressor unit on the mobile device is easy to move, with oil lubrication, oil in the cylinder lubrication, lubrication oil circulation mechanism, oil free, no oil in the cylinder lubrication, piston and cylinder as dry running, but the transmission mechanism by oil circulation lubrication, no oil lubrication - drive mechanism in the cylinder are oil free.


Understanding the type of high pressure oxygen compressor can help us to better choose and use it.

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