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What types of Industrial Hydrogen Compressors are there?

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The history of hydrogen compressors goes back to the last century. It has undergone innovations in industrial technology to achieve the quality and variety it has today. Hydrogen compressors can be regarded as an important product that has changed lives.

The industrial hydrogen compressor is one of the common types of hydrogen compressor. With its many features, it is applied in major manufacturing industries, electromechanical industries, energy industries, and so on. However, it cannot be used as a medical supply, in the same way as a medical hydrogen compressor.


What's the working principle of Industrial Hydrogen Compressors?

The common types of Industrial Hydrogen Compressors.

What should be noted when using an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?


What's the working principle of Industrial Hydrogen Compressors?

Hydrogen is an important industrial raw material that has many industrial uses. However, hydrogen cannot be used directly. Hydrogen compressors exist for the purpose of first compressing and then transporting it to obtain a compressed hydrogen gas that meets industrial standards. In a way, the hydrogen compressor works like a fuel cell. Oil-free hermetic hydrogen compressors are typical of the products we produce.

industrial hydrogen compressor 

The common types of Industrial Hydrogen Compressors

Depending on the criteria used, Industrial Hydrogen Compressors can be divided into a number of categories, each with its own physical characteristics.

·Basic Type

Depending on the operating principle of a hydrogen compressor, it can be broadly classified into two categories. These are the volumetric compressor and the velocity compressor, with the volumetric type being the most common on the market.

·Low pressure hydrogen reciprocating compressors

This is a kind of compressor in which hydrogen is charged into a high-pressure cylinder for storage and generally refers to a low-pressure hydrogen compressor, while our hydrogen compressors are charged at 150-200 BARG.

·Hydrogen membrane compressor

The industrial membrane electric hydrogen compressor is one of the membrane compressors, which can be seen as a chemical reaction. The main characteristic of the membrane compressor is fast heat dissipation. Compared to a normal hydrogen compressor, its compression process is close to an isothermal process and allows for a higher compression ratio. In contrast, however, due to the small flow rates, industrial membrane electrothermal hydrogen compressors are mainly used where high hydrogen pressures are required but not large flow rates.


Generally speaking, hydrogen compressors can be classified as diaphragm hydrogen compressors, reciprocating piston hydrogen compressors, rotary hydrogen compressors, screw type, and turbine type hydrogen compressors. To conclude, the industrial hydrogen compressor is still a very customized piece of equipment. It is important to know the characteristics of each compressor before you purchase it.


What should be noted when using an Industrial Hydrogen Compressor?

The construction of a hydrogen compressor consists of basic components such as the crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rods. In addition to these, there are the motor, the main compressor, the cooler components, the safety protection control system, and other ancillary parts.


During the operation, the friction of the moving parts is a natural consequence. We recommend regular inspections of the product components every three months as a way of prolonging the life of the product.

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