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What types of Industrial Oxygen Compressors are there?

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With the development of science and technology, an increasing number of people are concerned about brand-new products. As society's demand for various scientific products is increasing, different kinds of products are beginning to appear in people's lives.

The product we would like to introduce today is the industrial oxygen compressor. A device that has changed people's standard of living. In this report, the basic types of Industrial Oxygen Compressors will be shown. Meanwhile, we will illustrate some justifications and applications for Oxygen Compressors.


The basic types of Industrial Oxygen Compressors

Where can Industrial Oxygen Compressors be applied?

The justifications for using an Oxygen Compressor


The basic types of Industrial Oxygen Compressors

·VPSA Industrial Oxygen Compressors

The VPSA industrial oxygen generator works under conditions of penetrating atmospheric pressure, using the VPSA to professionally analyze and screen nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and other magazines adsorbed in the air, under vacuum conditions for molecular screening. Generally speaking, VPSA consumes less energy, the greater the reminder of the equipment, the lower the energy consumption.


Generally speaking, the VPSA consumes relatively little energy and this type of oxygen generator is suitable for medium and large enterprises.


·PSA Industrial Oxygen Compressors

The main components of the PSA industrial Oxygen Compressors are the air compressor, the cold compressor, the de-oiler, the adsorption equipment, the oxygen buffer tank, and the control system. The air compressor is one of the more important components, providing the air feed for the entire system, which is regulated in correspondence to the output of the adsorption equipment. Low operating costs are also a key feature of PSA industrial oxygen generators.


·Piston type high-pressure oxygen compressors

The piston-type high-pressure oxygen compressor is one of the high-pressure oxygen compressors, which has the advantage that the exhaust pressure range is large and the required pressure can be obtained regardless of the flow rate, and the exhaust volume can be maintained when the exhaust pressure fluctuates.


In summary, these are just a few of the common industrial oxygen compressors on the market. As we all know, oxygen compressors have a wide range of uses and applications, and the corresponding type needs to be purchased according to the different use scenarios. In addition, industrial oxygen compressors cannot be used in lieu of medical oxygen compressors and this should be noted.

industrial oxygen compressor 

Where can Industrial Oxygen Compressors be applied?

The industrial oxygen compressor can be described as the heart of the modern industry, it has a wide range of uses and is widely used in steelmaking, paper making, metal processing, glass processing, metallurgy, and petrochemicals due to its small size and high working efficiency.


The justifications for using an Oxygen Compressor

·High level of quality

As industrial oxygen compressors have strict production standards. Therefore, during the process, it is necessary to ensure that the oxygen compressor is completely 100% oil-free and it does not require refueling during use, which ensures that it has a strong working efficiency and quality.

·Wide applications

As mentioned before, the Oxygen Compressore can be applied in a lot of sectors. It can be customized to different sizes for different usage scenarios, and its customisability is also a major advantage.


The oxygen compressor has a small size, is light, and has low operating costs. In addition, it has a clear and simple composition and is very easy to operate.


To summarize, a lot of advantages make the Oxygen Compressor become the first choice for many enterprises and individuals.

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