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Why do we choose to use SF6 compressor

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Why do we choose to use SF6 compressor

The SF6 compressor has comprehensive functions such as recovery, charging and discharging, purification, vacuuming, storage, and bottle filling, and the system is relatively complete. The series connection or switching of each function is mainly completed by operating the electric control box and ball valve concentrated on one side of the panel.

  • Why do we choose to use SF6 compressor?

  • What is the function of the SF6 compressors?

  • What is the workflow of the SF6 compressor?

Why do we choose to use SF6 compressor?

The advantage of the SF6 compressor is its compactness and simple construction.

Similar to electric motors, long-life lubricated and sealed roller bearings minimize friction in the crank mechanism. Therefore no oil is present in the entire compressor. Given enough attention, using the smallest manufacturing tolerances and high-tech materials, the SF6 compressor is not only economical but also very reliable. The SF6 compressor bearing of the connecting rod system enables the equipment to have a longer interval between replacement of the drive bearing during continuous operation, without the need for maintenance and adding lubricants.

When the SF6 compressor uses process gas in the production process, it may generate flue gas and leakage during the production process. This leads to the trend towards the use of closed-loop systems with gas in production processes and process technology.

The savings from the SF6 compressor can pay for the equipment investment in a short period of time.

What is the function of the SF6 compressors?

Sulfur hexafluoride has good electrical insulation properties and excellent arc extinguishing properties. Its electric strength is 2.5 times that of nitrogen under the same pressure, its breakdown voltage is 2.5 times that of air, and its arc extinguishing ability is 100 times that of air. It is a new generation of ultra-high voltage insulating material superior to that between air and oil. Sulfur hexafluoride has good insulation properties and arc extinguishing properties, such as circuit breakers, high-voltage transformers, gas-enclosed combined capacitors, high-voltage transmission lines, transformers, etc. SF6 compressors play a vital role in the production, use, and transportation of sulfur hexafluoride.

What is the workflow of the SF6 compressor?

The inlet of the vacuum pump in the SF6 compressor system is equipped with an electromagnetic vacuum belt charging valve, which is connected to the same power supply as the vacuum pump. When the pump stops working, the valve can automatically close the vacuum system and charge the atmosphere through the inlet of the pump cavity, thus avoiding the backflow of pump oil to contaminate the vacuum system. In the refrigeration system of the system, the inlet and outlet pressure of the SF6 compressor is set by the high and low pressure controller. Once the limit is exceeded, the refrigeration compressor will be automatically cut off. When the low pressure is disconnected, the SF6 compressor will be restarted after the pressure rises or when the high pressure is disconnected.

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