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Why use Oil Free Co2 Compressor?

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Oil-free CO2 compressors can be the perfect solution for compressed air applications, meeting the highest air purity standards is key. Depending on your requirements, you can use a variety of different oil-free CO2 compressor technologies, such as scroll, water injection screw, to achieve 100% oil-free dry air supply.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are oil-free rotary screw CO2 compressors?

What are oil-free CO2 compressors?

What are the features of the CO2 compressors?

1.What are oil-free rotary screw CO2 compressors?

Screw CO2 compressor is a positive displacement compressor. The compression principle of the oil-free screw CO2 compressor is similar to that of the oil-filled CO2 compressor, but no oil is introduced into the CO2 compressor chamber. There are two distinct types to choose from, dry and waterflooded. In a dry oil-free screw CO2 compressor, the meshing rotors do not touch and their relative positions are maintained by compressing the lubricated timing gears outside. In the water injection type, a similar timing gear structure is used, but the water is injected into the compression chamber as a seal in the internal clearance and eliminates the compression heat.

 CO2 compressors

2. What are oil-free CO2 compressors?

Oil-free CO2 compressor refers to the compressor that pressurizes and transports carbon dioxide gas. It is mainly used for:

Recovery of dry ice volatilized gas from the CO2 plant, recovery of CO2 from the plant

An industrial and pharmaceutical extraction process utilizing the liquid properties of carbon dioxide

Large CO2 compressor is mainly used in urea synthesis equipment

When designing and using free oil recovery CO2 compressors, it should be noted that :(1) the critical temperature of carbon dioxide is higher and can be liquefied at 31.3 C and 7.14 MPa. In winter, the interstage cooling temperature should not be too low; (2) When carbon dioxide is below 60mpa, it is beneficial to the gas. (3) Due to the relatively high density of carbon dioxide gas, should not use too large average speed of the piston, otherwise the air valve resistance is large; (4) Carbon dioxide gas contains a small amount of water, has a strong corrosive, so require gas valve, cooler, buffer tank to use stainless steel.


3. What are the features of the CO2 compressors?

The CO2 compressors are ideal for many CO2 applications because of their oil-free, dry running, and airtight design. The features are as the follows:

Gases are not polluted by oil

The technology is strict in running and stopping

No oil lubrication, no pollution.

High efficiency and low energy consumption.

High reliability, 24 hours continuous operation.

The machine adopts air-cooled or water-cooled to reduce installation cost.

Compact, low maintenance cost.


We export and supply oil-free CO2 compressors. The system works on oil reciprocating piston and can be cooled by air or water base. Power consumption shall not exceed 110KW. The pressure can be suction pressure, or exhaust pressure, below 0-6mpa or 16.5, respectively. This product has compact structure, easy to use, reliable performance and low maintenance cost.

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