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Scuba Oxygen Compressor for Diving

1.portable oxygen filling station
2.suitable for small hospital
3.easy operation
4.totally oil free ,safety ,and reliable
cooling way:
packing box:
ETD time:
  • Gow-1/4-150


  • 8414804090

oxygen compressor for diving ,1m3 150barg Oil free high pressure Oxygen compressor

An oxygen compressor is a compressor that is used to pressurize oxygen and deliver or store it.

One of the industries is used for rough oxygen cutting, which pumps 93% pure oxygen into an oxygen cylinder and cuts scrap metal with acetylene gas.

There are two uses for microboost use oxygen compressor. One is that the hospital's PSA oxygen generator needs to be pressurized to supply various wards and operating rooms, providing 7-10 bar line pressure, and the other is that PSA oxygen needs to be stored to high pressure oxygen gas. In the container, it is easy to move and the storage pressure is generally 100barg, 150barg, 200barg, or higher 300barg pressure.

This scuba diving oxygen compressor is suitable for inlet pressure 3-4barg (40-60psig) and discharge pressure 150barg (2150psig)

The 3NM3/hour micro PSA air separation oxygen system provides clean oxygen filling service to the community and small island hospitals. It is recommended to work no more than 8 hours per day, 2-3 bottles per bottle.

This compressor features

high pressure industrial oxygen compressor  adopts two-stage compression, stainless steel cylinder, the inlet is equipped with low intake pressure protection, the exhaust end is equipped with high exhaust pressure protection, and the exhaust temperature is high. If the temperature exceeds overpressure, the system will alarm and stop, ensuring safe operation. Small in size, light in weight and equipped with casters, it is very suitable for mobile use.

The button function indications for each part of the diving oxygen compressor for scuba are as follows, designed to be the kind of Tmall style.

Compressor parameters See attachment

All standard home use oxygen compressor are CE marked to meet the requirements of the EU market. We can also provide customized oxygen compressors according to customer conditions.

Our oxygen compressors have the following features

According to the different working conditions of the customer:

1. Completely 100% oil free, no oil required (depending on the specific model)

2. Suitable for VPSA PSA oxygen source

   Stainless steel cylinder

3.NO pollution, keep the same purity into the gas

4.RELIABLE and high quality, comparable to the American RIX brand.

5. TOP has low cost, low maintenance cost and simple operation.

6. 4000 hours piston ring working life under low pressure conditions, 1500-200O hours working life under high pressure conditions

7.TOP brand motor, you can specify the brand, just like the SIMENSE brand

8. Supply to the Japanese market to meet the demanding quality requirements of Japan

9. According to the customer's specific working conditions, the compressor is designed as single machine compression, two-stage compression, three-stage compression and four-stage compression.

10. Low speed, long life, average speed 260-350RPM,

11. Low noise, average noise below 75dB, can work quietly in the medical field

12, continuous continuous heavy-duty operation, can run stably for 24 hours without stopping (depending on the specific model)

13. Each stage has an interstage safety valve. If the stage is overpressured, the safety valve will take off and release the overpressure gas to ensure the stable operation of the compressor.

14. Each level has a temperature controller. If the temperature between the stages exceeds the standard, the temperature display will sound and light alarm.

15. medical high pressure oxygen compressor,obtain CE certification to meet the requirements of the EU market

Model 型号 Working medium  suction pressure (Mpa,Psig) Discharge pressure (Mpa,Psig) Motor.KW  Flow rate Nm3/hr Voltage  Cooling way  weight  dimension 
GOW-1.8/1-150 oxygen 0.1,14.3 15,2150 1.5 1.8 220V/380V/415V/440V 50/60HZ air cooling 150kgs 700×650×650
GOW-1.8/1-200 oxygen 0.1,14.3 20,2875 1.5 1.8 220V/380V/415V/440V 50/60HZ air cooling 150kgs 700×650×650
GOW-2.7/1-150 oxygen 0.1,14.3 15,2150 2.2 2.7 220V/380V/415V/440V 50/60HZ air cooling 150kgs 700×650×650
GOW-3/4-150 oxygen 0.3-0.4,40-60 15,2150 3 3 220V/380V/415V/440V 50/60HZ air cooling 150kgs 700×650×650

1. The above parameters are for reference only, and is subject to our  technical quotation

2. More displacement, higher filling pressure, such 20Mpa,23Mpa,30Mpa,please feel free  consult us

3.Kinly note ,if you have compressor inquiry please tell us follows information when you send inquiry:

*Compressor working medium:

 If single gas ,how many purity ? if mixed gas , what’s gas content lit ?   

*Suction pressure(gauge pressure):     barg

*Exhaust pressure(gauge pressure):     barg

*Flow rate per hour for compressor: (Nm3/hr):

Compressor gas suction temperature ?

Compressor working hours per day :    hours 

Compressor working site altitude :   m 

Environment temperature ℃: 

Has cooling water in the site or not ?

Voltage and frequency for three phase :  

Do not has water vapor or H2s in the gas ?

Application for compressor?


Contact Us

Tel: +86-556-5345665
Phone: +86-18955608767
Email: sale@oxygen-compressors.com
WhatsApp: +86-18955608767
Skype: sale@oxygen-compressors.com
Add:XingyeRoad,Industrial park,Development zone,Anqing,Anhui
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